Forum migration to another server on 22/23 August 2022 UPDATE


Our new server is ready for migration and tomorrow the forum will be migrated, which will result in being offline and in read-only mode for a certain amount of time.

I honestly hope the migration will go swift and flawless, but with the last server migration in mind, two years ago, I am preparing myself for a slightly complicated migration. (read longer offline time)


The forum will go in read-only mode at 15:00 Paris time.


The forum is back, but some of the plugins didn’t migrate. I will put them back later on.

Tomorrow 23 August, the websites will be migrated.


May all go well without any major issues!


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feels already much snappier :wink:


Yes, it is isn’t. It is a very big leap compared to the old server.

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Never underestimate old, but powerful hw (jokingly). If it only weren’t for those darn tariffs invented by the ubiquitous marketing departments.


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Glad you’re back…you know how antsy we get when you’re offline. (talking to the forum here)


When the process of migration was still going on, I luckily saw few insights.

When I entered , I saw a new splash screen, where the screen was filled with big :tada: , and on bottom there was very small, camouflaged button for Log In.
At that moment I thought new server had brought new design for the forum. Then I pressed to Log In, and this is what I got :

After some moments, this page went away, and a new page came out :

This was EndeavourOS Forum’s home page for at that time, and the only post it contained was of @system , which was made 15 minutes ago, and was explaining about features of Discourse Forum.

Then I shut down my PC in disdain, as this new HomePage made me to think that my account was lost :cold_face: :cold_face:.

After that shut down, now I had opened my PC, and am very happy that Forum is Live again :grin: :grin: :grinning: :grinning: , and @PhoenixAwakened 's name is still existing !

Congrats to Everyone who were working over this, and to Captain @Bryanpwo :saluting_face: .

moderation notice: blurr image to not show email-adress e.t.c.


Is this why there are no reactions except like?


Same thought here.

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That was you! I went back and forth on the internet to find the solution to why the new installation wasn’t accepting my set-up. I literally had to rebuild the instance three times, before I could proceed.

Yes, the forum will be off and on today a couple of times because I’m going to put back the plugins and also change some settings on the server to let the WordPress websites migrate.

So, to everybody, the forum not being available today occasionally is part of the migration.


Thank-you for your hard work.
When you finish.
What are the new server specs?

I missed the forum for a while. :enos_flag: