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I often got a force quit message when I open application like Krita and Gimp, but they still proceed. I don’t know what the cause. I don’t think it was update because since the day I install it, (i think last week), I’m already having it. I ignore this because it proceed but yesterday, GIMP hanged when I’m importing PSD file that didn’t happened before when I use it in Linux Mint Mate. Now, I’m wondering if Endeavour has a problem at some point in regards with these creative softwares and I need to switch back to Linux Mint or is there other solution? I’m enjoying the OS at least.

Screenshot from 2022-05-27 09-26-37

By the way, I know there is warning about installing deb files here but the driver for my graphic tablet is in .deb so I don’t have a choice.

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Please provide system info and other logs as per:

This will give us info to diagnose the issue you’re facing


what graphics tablet do you use? A lot of them are supported OOTB only requiring a few tweaks.

Also are you using flatpak or repo gimp/krita? technically this message isnt an issue and just Gnome thinks the application is hanging, happens with some things that take a while to load. Im assuming you hadnt been using Gnome on mint yes?

Im thinking its just gnome assuming your application is hanging when it isnt due to it taking a bit longer to load on your lower end i3 CPU.

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Veikk Tablet. I don’t know if it supports OOTB.

About Gimp, Inkscape and Krita, I install it from the most popular application tab in welcome screen, not flatpak (and Krita’s flatpak is worst than it’s appimage hahahaha.

Should I just change DE like XFCE or mate? Or it is fine still in gnome.


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If you like to troubleshoot a bit, please consider posting some system info as per post #2.

Also, have a terminal open with journalctl -f running. When the “freeze” occurs, see if it outputs anything relevant related to the issue. Copy-paste those line into your reply, highlight them and press Ctrl-E to format.

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Welcome. Many many many people use this softwares without issue on Endeavour.

Please run from terminal and post output as to why it failed for you.

Welcome to the journey, I hope you’ll enjoy it.

I don’t think it’s an Endeavour OS issue, it could be something about DE, Wayland, graphic drivers, etc.

If you’re using wayland, maybe you can try xorg, just select it on login screen. Or viceversa, if you’re using xorg, try wayland.

My first distro was Linux Mint Cinnamon; I’ve switched to EOS because is a pretty good distro and works like a charm with Cinnamon DE, no issues at all with GIMP, Krita, Inkscape or other apps.

Most likely and also Mint isn’t Gnome. :wink:

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I’m pretty sure its just GNOME on an 2ghz i3 dual core. I don’t think anything is hanging its just GNOME stupidity.

This message pops up for me for a couple games I play that take a while to load even though there’s nothing wrong the game is just slow.


I looked into it, doesn’t appear so. There are pkgbuilds for the driver though, and it has official linux support so not bad.


It actually stops all of a sudden now. Makes me more wonder what causes it. Hahahah. I just choose endeavour out of curiosity. If ever it came back, maybe I will switched to XFCE.

Just, you know, not actually curious enough to run it from terminal to find out though.

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Well, I guess because I’m not that oriented with journal and much focus on finding income than learning man pages, pacman, sudo, yay, terminal commands, kernel stuffs, DE stuffs, window manager stuffs. etc. :wink: (it’s obvious that I didn’t modified my desktop unlike others too.)

Dear @Rui07

In your first post on the forum, you are asking for help with an issue you are experiencing in your system.

You have been asked on several occasions to provide relevant information on your setup for the forum members, who spend their time voluntarily here, to be able to troubleshoot your issue.

No relevant information has been provided from you.

Archlinux and most other distributions based on it are not a ready made one-size-fit-all systems. They require active engagement on the part of their users to build them up and maintain them.

The Endeavour community is friendly towards and helpful to new users but after all:

EndeavourOS isn’t an expressway to a predefined destination in computing, it is all about the journey towards your own destination and on top of that, you’ll be meeting new and friendly faces during that exploration. Or more appropriate, your new Endeavour.

That’s why we are aiming for a Linux user with an intermediate level of knowledge who likes to handle a system that needs hands-on customization from the get-go, with the help of our main standout feature: Our vibrant and friendly community.

If you like to roll up your sleeves and go on an adventure, then you might want to give us a try.

If you don’t have time for or are not interested in

my honest and sincere advise for you would be to switch to another Linux distribution or another operating system altogether, like MacOS for example.


Sounds to me like you don’t run Windows or Mac which means you likely modified your desktop.

And if you don’t want help fixing any of this, I’m really at a loss for why this thread was opened in the first place. You just wanted to tell us you have a problem. . . And then just live with it?? Why tell us then?