For future installations, EXT4 or Btrfs

Morning guys, just a quick question: If I have to reinstall EOS on my hardware, which file system is better, recommended: Shall I stick with EXT4 or switch to Btrfs?
Oh, and no explainifications please, I fear my little brain might explode. I just wanna be told what I have to do. :exploding_head:

BTRFS, because I am worth it!


If you fear your brain might explode on hearing technical stuff, then maybe ext4 for you? :brain: :wink:

But hey, its easy to learn the ropes. Don’t be afraid. :muscle:

I cannot control the urge to tell some info. :sweat_smile:

Ext4 is almost a zero maintenance file system. Btrfs kinda requires the user to know what is going on, You surely can automate stuff on Btrfs; I haven’t experimented much, apart from some VM installs.

Without going too technical, if you want to have easy system backups so that you can revert to if an update breaks the system, then btrfs. If your think you don’t need btrfs style backups, or you run timeshift on ext4 then stick with it. Difference is that ext4 backups take space, while backups on btrfs take no space.

What do I use? ext4. I prefer my system being borked 1 so that I get down to fix it. I like that process. (not when it happens ten minutes before an assignment is due) :laughing:

Certainly, do wait for some else to speak. As I said, I haven’t played around much with btrfs. I use ext4 because I am too lazy to learn new stuff. :zzz:

  1. For some strange reason, Endeavour OS doesn’t break as often as I want it to :sob:

You, Sir, are an evil man! And I am stupid enuff to like that. :crazy_face:
So I stick with ext4 until someone tells me I must switch.


You really don’t know btrfs, don’t seem interested in learning it, so why would you install it?


But honestly, why?
Will my computer run faster, have even less problems, maybe does my work for me, become even betterer than it already is?

Because I guess there will be some magic happen and my system will become even more wonderfullerer than it already is. And I don’t really install it, do I? Just before I install instead of Ext4 I’ll click on Btrfs, done.

You’d still have to learn how to configure, maintain and use it … which we both know probably won’t happen. So the question is moot.

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Ok, so contrary to Ext4 there is labour involved in a simple file system? That’s too bad and not really a development.

The computer doesn’t magically become fast! :rabbit2:

Btrfs makes taking system snapshots easy so that you can later on revert back to an old state if updates break the system. The snapshot feature is one of the main selling points of btrfs.

Edit: not just updates. If you are a tinkerer and you fear your latest experiment will break something, then take a snapshot. Later on you can revert back.


Depends on the features of btrfs you want to use.

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We are so sad to hear that you have such an issue with EndeavourOS, the team is working hard to fix your issue! (famous last words) :sunglasses:


I better keep :zipper_mouth_face:



Uh Oh.


Why did you do that?



Thx for the easy explain. Fortunately I’m just a user, not a tinkerer. And updates have never broken my system up to now. So if Btrfs doesn’t make my system faster I guess I’ll just hang on to Ext4.


It’s a file system ffs! What features would I wanna use?

Because I’m a silly girl and because I can. I can ask questions and then decide on not doing the hot new thing.

Journal File System vs Copy on Write File System.

Integrated volume management.



RAID support.


Error detection / self repair / data recovery abilities.


And so on …

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but… BTRFS will may soon come to calamares installer as an option to choose on automatic partition, what will make us of subvol feature.


:japanese_goblin: :mega: YOU MUST SWITCH!