Font appears very big


after todays update the font for most applications appear very big, exceptions are Firefox and Chromium. My display has 1080p resolution and KDE system settings tell me 100% global scaling. Only X11 seems to be affected, starting a Wayland session luckily doesn’t exhibit the problem.



Let’s see how it goes in the Wayland session, KDE developers seem to have made good progress on that. Regarding unbreaking the X11 session, I unsucessfully tried removing a fontconfig file from ~/.config/fontconfig that was fixing antialiasing for Flatpak apps (copied from some Arch forum thread), but it had no effect (and even SDDM is affected). I also removed all of GNOME, as it was updated too and I lightly suspected some interference, but no luck either.

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The timestamps of all files in /etc/fonts are older than the time of the update, the most recently changed file is fonts.conf from June 29.

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