First things I noticed upon changing to Plasma 6:

  1. There is now a 0% screen brightness setting! Huzzah! (for those who don’t have sensitive eyes: it used to be possible to lower brightness to 1% in the power menu, but hitting the adjustment buttons could only lower it to 5%, which was noticeably brighter than 1%)
  2. Screenshare (Discord; Jitsi) is broken. No Wayland for me.
  3. The new system sound scheme sounds contemporary and inoffensive. It would be fine if it weren’t for the way the volume-pop sounds like an error notification. I’ll stick to the old scheme.
  4. The taskbar is one pixel shorter than the width of my screen (background exposed on the right).
  5. The auto-hide taskbar is now much trickier to raise. I’ve gotta hit the bottom just right to coax it out.
  6. Widgets are broken now. I don’t know what I expected…
  7. The UI/menu changes are too subtle for me to notice.
  8. When connecting to bluetooth, it now syncs the sound to what’s playing through speakers, so there’s not a gap in what you hear.
  9. Konsole and system fonts stayed as set, but Kate reverted its font to default.
  10. My ctrl-shift-esc shortcut to raise the system monitor no longer works, but there’s a new default shortcut, super-esc. That’s fine.
  11. Laptop battery life predictions appear to have been un-learned.

Anyone else got something minor-but-eyebrow-raising?


I’ve noticed a few little things.

  1. Games are running way better for under Wayland
  2. PIP for Youtube is broken in Wayland unless you set a window rule for it to stay above all other windows.
  3. Taskbar doesn’t return to autohide when opening the overview (this was also happening in Plasma 5)
  4. Dolphin Places panel disappears in X11 when window in minimised
  5. Spectacle changed its save location for screenshots

A lot of these are slowly being ported over.

I’ve gotten used to it now but it shocked me the first time

I’ve probably noticed other things but none come to mind right now.


On one of my systems, clicking on “Open Terminal” in Dolphin’s toolbar or context menu doesn’t work (Konsole tries to open but crashes). On the other system, it works fine :man_shrugging:. Using X11 on both.

Yeah, I noticed this too. I thought maybe it was just me.

Quite annoying, though it doesn’t happen on every minimize with me. Just sometimes.

For anyone who may not be aware, pressing F9 restores (toggles) the Places panel.


It’s been reported so hopefully it’ll get resolved soon. It was doing my head in when I was making those splashscreens as I often work with multiple dolphin windows, GIMP and settings all open at once.


Yep, I’ve been following the bug reports. Sometimes I don’t even know I have a bug until I read about it :rofl:.


It’s not a bug, it’s a new feature called ‘randomization’ wherein random events happen, well randomly.


For the first one, you can use this command:
qdbus org.kde.Solid.PowerManagement /org/kde/Solid/PowerManagement/Actions/BrightnessControl setBrightness 1 ← its the brightness %

How can I revert back to X11? My system is pretty much unusable with Wayland. Text input is broken. The flickering is horrible. And games look awful.

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Logout and choose X11 from the login screen.


You should probably create a new post and have it pinned somewhere. I’ve seen you tell people about this over 10 times already.



This will be the only time when Kde version matches with Linux kernel version :joy:

To set the default if you (like me) use auto-login:

Settings > Colors and Themes > Login Screen (SDDM) > Behavior > Automatically log in…

This is courtesy of user cynicusrex in another thread.


Another new thing: poking the upper-left corner now opens the ‘overview’ perspective. I disabled this because I frankly don’t understand the point of multiple desktops (have you heard of alt-tab?!), but presumably this was something that a lot of people were doing.

Shake to find cursor is probably the coolest feature added to kde 6… Now I don’t have to start searching for my cursor when it feels to play hide and seek with me…
Feature available in Desktop Effects and disabled by default…
Cursor gets pixelated when enlarged which is bummer but atleast it is there…
Gnome does this way better with proper setting assigned for it as well (not by default but with add ons)

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Wow, I’m getting way better performance from games. On x11 I was barely able to run Divinity Original Sin 2 on the lowest settings but on Wayland I’m able to play it quite comfortably with medium settings.

Do you have AMD or Nvidia card? I have the latter, which might explain it. I want to say I was seeing tearing, but that wasn’t it. It was more like very rapid stuttering when trying to smoothly pan the camera.

No just Intel HD Graphics 530

Previously, there was some feature (I didn’t know whether it was part of Plasma) that could detect when a video was playing and prohibit the display from sleeping. Now this feature seems to be gone.

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I don’t think that was part of plasma. Some video players can do that though.


Yeah, I miss that too (also gone in X11 session)! When a video is playing in the browser or in the video player, this should not be considered as idle! That’s annoying. Ideally, the night light should also be able to detect and deactivate when the video player is active.

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