First things I noticed upon changing to Plasma 6:

I love this feature, and actually wish it was closer to how macOS does it (it’s almost an exact rip off, but not quite).

I like having two desktops (one for work stuff, and one for personal stuff). I use a lot of PWAs and there is a good amount of overlap between my work ones and personal ones (like ChatGPT, AWS Web Console, etc). Having stuff separated by desktop also make alt-tabbing faster.

Plus I screenshare a lot and my coworkers don’t need to be seeing my Discord, Steam, Gmail, etc windows.

I noticed three things with new Plasma 6:

  • inter-program / inter-app clipboard is broken, copy-pasting in the same application works, but not from one to another
  • in one of my games, when I use the in-game menus, the mouse does weird stuff, aborts the menu and turns my character 180° (but not sure if this is really KDE)
  • Terminals have to be closed before shutting down, before I had an terminal always open, where I opened htop/nvtop when playing games (now I have to open a terminal with each new log-in, should be fine)

The copy-pasting is a real issue for me, not sure, if/how I should report this as a bug.

I can’t reproduce that on my test laptop with KDE6, on Wayland.

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Yep, copy/paste works fine between random programs on my desktop.

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I only get this very very rarely (once every 2 to 3 weeks at the soonest) and I had the same thing on Plasma 5

I’m not having the issue with the clipboard or having to close the terminal. As for the mouse thiing, I haven’t had the problem, but I came across a bug report that sounds similar. It was this one here when someone was playing Apex Legends They are having trouble reproducing it. Many others say the problem is resolved when using wine 9.0 and above and the native wayland driver for wine. Steam has yet to make a proton release that includes wine 9 though, so no luck there as of yet.

Ok thank you all!

So seems to be a problem solely on my side. Will have a dig into it. If you have any ideas, what could be causing this, I m happy for any input.

Ok, that is good information! My game is Star-Citizen and I m using the setup/script/application that is provided by the community. I think there is wine 9 by raw fox, that I could use. Let’s see, will also read the bug report, maybe there is more information.

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I was debugging another issue with XDG portals after upgrading to Plasma 6, and after running systemctl --user mask xdg-desktop-portal-gtk.service and logging out/in again, it seems to be able to detect a video playing in Firefox. Not 100% sure that this is what solved it but might be worth a try, the fix should be easy enough to undo.

Oddly, I’ve found that-- whatever it is… actually will identify that a video is playing… ten to twenty seconds after the screen turns off. Then it turns the screen back on. See if you replicate this.

It seems that this bug has been solved.