First install

There is a good part and a not so good part to this report. Basically, I did an online install with the DE being KDE. No problems with install and now everything is running fine.

BUT, it took about 11 hours. Yesterday, I just started the install and just let it run. Now the bad news. It is a miracle that the job completed. I use a satellite service for ISP, so the signal zips up and back down, but yesterday, with forest fires all around us, you could hardly see or breathe. No sun at all, everything looked yellow, the sky, the ground. Been that way for about 4 days.

I really enjoyed reading the output of the Terminal app. I need to install a lot of thing. Mainly Qt stuff and R. So, I have music playing, coffee at the ready, and no wife. I think it will be a good day.

stay safe



There’s a lot of offline install demand this days…
And they say i’m tin-foil hat :cowboy_hat_face: :sweat_smile:

Stay hydrated :frog: and don’t burn in there please :wink:

Sounds perfect, now you can write wife on C, so she would be effecient! :joy:


Welcome @zoner
Unfortunately the online install downloads all the packages. Being on Satellite service which is probably fine for normal online browsing makes that process slow. I’m glad that you are safe and i hope they get control of these fires soon. It’s really unfortunate and i hope that they start putting more resources towards firefighting and climate initiatives. This is a tragedy when it happens. Stay safe!


LOL. My third computer language was ALGOL. thanks for all of the comments.