First Demonstrations of WiFi 7

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I’ve read left us brain-less :rofl:
As in fried our brains or something… :brain: :fire:

Who the hell would need to stream 8k over wi-fi in :clown_face: :earth_africa: anyway… :roll_eyes:

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I was left brainless too just reading it because i haven’t seen any good media-tek WiFi so far?


See - it WEEERKS!!! :rofl:

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1440p is already a bit too much for me :rofl:

The more I think about it, the more I’m convinced that this rapid technological advancement actually makes our lives worse. In the current year, there is little need for such high data rates, and it’s mostly a self-inflicted problem. If we still had 2000s or even 1990s era hardware, the software we would be using right now would be unimaginably fantastic. It is hardware limitations that create demand for high quality software (for example, the original Super Mario Bros game was some 30-40 kilobytes in size).

I’m quite happy we have reached the end of Moore’s Law because C++ developers are in high demand again and there is much talk about optimisation again. For almost two decades, CS programs at universities have been teaching crap to their students, stuff like JavaScript and Python, and their main motto has been: “do not worry about performance, modern hardware can handle suboptimal code”. This asinine thinking is the reason we are in this bloated hell now and why modern computers suck (they use some hundred thousand times more memory and CPU cycles to idle than what was available on computers a couple of decades ago), even though their hardware is so advanced. It does not matter how great your hardware is if it runs soyftware that sucks.

So, I foresee that the main effect of this super fast WiFi 7 technology will be even slower internet, and you will be forced to switch to it, because the older alternative will be so slow that it is unusable (it will be like browsing the modern internet on a 56k dial-up modem).


Yeah, i agree with such perspective.

High-tech :robot: / Low-life :tired_face: = :clown_face: :earth_africa:


Taken from wikipedia

320 MHz bandwidth

I wish they would do something with (partialy-)overlaping channels instead. When 2.4 GHz wifi has 13 channels but only 3 non-overlaping at the same time it is impossible to get a good noise background. On top of that a big portion of 5 GHz band may be disrupted by meteorology radars.

According to MediaTek, Wi-Fi 7 could simply replace the traditional wired Ethernet connection for good and become the nerve center of tomorrow’s home and business networks.

Yeah, right. When I walk over my flat I can detect up to 300 wifi networks in 2.4 and 5 GHz (different SSIDs). I highly doubt I will switch from my Gb/s wired ethernet any time soon.


I would be surprised if mediatek has a good WiFi chip. So far i haven’t seen much from them. Maybe there are more than i have seen and I just haven’t come across them. So WiFi 7? I’m skeptical. Besides I’d rather have all wired if i can help it. Wifi has a purpose but i don’t think everything should be strictly WiFi.