Firefox without sound

Suddenly my Firefox loose all sound.
It happens in every site that I go.
All others apps are playing sound.
Any advice?

Since we don’t know what DE/WM you are using or anything about your audio setup it is hard to say.

However, if your DE is one that supports audio muting in the icon make sure you didn’t accidentally hit the little audio mute button inside the icon. Next, check the application specific volume and ensure it isn’t turned down or muted. It may be easier to check both those of things if you do it while firefox should be playing audio.

I am using EnOS KDE and it happen mid vídeo from Red Bull site. I didn’t do anything. It purely stopped working.
I have checked if it was muted, the application sound, rebooted…
Pulseaudio settings also.
Everything that I remember and some more.
As I said, everything else is playing sound. Chromium and apps alike.

You have to watch there is another volume on Firefox and it can be muted.



type PAVU and then go to the last entry.
Select which ever you want for example, output HDMI only.
This should solve it,

Thanks to all.
By the third time i uninstall and re install Firefox, the problem solved by itself…