Firefox Translations soon native to the browser

As soon the :enos: united section will be closed i share it here:

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Sooeren Hentschel, a german firefox blogger ,reported about it in his blog

Edit: @pebcak have a look, we talked about it here


That’s good news!
Thanks for sharing!


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Firefox Offline Translation lands in 117


That’s great. Have you installed and tested the 117 beta yet?

Yes, it works rather well!
It is quite well explained in the gHack’s article above how it works.

Here are some screenshots from FF 118 (Nightly):

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Just installed and started the 118 nightly for testing. Everything looks really good.
I am really glad that mozilla is taking this step with the translation. For me this is the right direction.

I just tried this and it works fine, translation quality seems a bit better with the Mate extension, but it’s nice to have an internal tool.

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@pebcak do you use the daily build as your daily browser?
I saw in your screenshot all possible addons. Or do you always use ublock origin as the first thing you do when you start a new mozilla instance? The same ones I use too :wink:

Of course, there are always improvements. Considering that no translation goes out to large ones like Google or something, this is already a very good tool. I think it will get even better at translating the more people use it.

I do, but if I don’t use it, I’m not totally “naked” since I use a blocklist (hblock is your friend) and it helps a lot.

There’s this nice (not exhaustive) ad test here :

I’ll have to take a closer look. I use an uncensored dns server with blocklist on my router.

EDIT: This is how it looks with a completely clear nightly build

Below the test, you have the domains list, when you click on one domain in red, it’s copied to the clipboard, in case you want to add it to your ublock filter list.

Thanks for pointing me to.
It seems quiet easy :wink:

No, not really but I have been using the one from the screenshots a bit more consistently. It runs on a profile tweaked with arkenfox’ user.js and a couple of addons, most notably uBlock Origin.

Also regarding the adblocker test, it my have some compatibility issues with certain combinations of browsers and adblockers according to the site itself.

To give a couple of examples from my testing, both the following domains are reported as not blocked:

However I have both of them in a blocklist added to uBlock’s filters. Also for the sake of testing, I added them to be blocked in /etc/hosts. Yet they are reported as not blocked.

Same for me, 80% with the blocklist only, when I add uBlock, 91% and it seems Privacy Badger has some problems, I can’t do better than 98%.

My ublock is pretty hard.

Blocking at 100% is not always good, for some domains, blocking the cookies only is better for browsing smoothly.

That’s what i need. :sweat_smile:

Looks like Translations was pulled from the final release of Firefox 117 :frowning_face:

Well stop playing with it then :clown_face: