Firefox loaded before launcher menu and task bar?

I was restarting computer after a system update of 100 over packages.
Upon start up, i noticed firefox was loading previous session (i want my firefox to load previous session) before launcher menu and task bar.
Because i have quite a few task in firefox that i have not go thru yet, hence i left it there not willing to close the tabs.
while firefox was reading from website, the launch bar and task bar are no where to be found. Hence i can’t do anything till firefox finish doing it bussiness.
Is there way to make launcher menu load first before all other user app ?

It would be good if possible.

I’ve read it 2 times and doesn’t understand what you want :laughing:

My guess:

  • You use KDE previous session (not Firefox one)
  • When it loads Firefox on startup it slows everything down

Is that the case?
Then it’s kinda logical, just don’t restore programs like Firefox (meaning close demanding program before shutdown / restart) coz they hog startup.

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If you have set your desktop to autstart firefox it will autostart.
Find out why Firefox autostarts in the first place.

I guess i don’t understand how linux startup things works… I guess there should be option somewhere i can tell linux to get desktop and launch menu button to finish loading first , then start loading firefox and it’s session.

The whole point is that firefox and all its’ session where launched before launcher menu (start button) and task bar were loaded. It should be launcher menu load first before firefox session.

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It’s not Linux startup per-se, but KDE session restore, am i correct?

Like here on login you have Restore previous session selected, right?

Not sure about startup priorities for programs, if that’s what you want…It’s just overall very bad idea to restore hoggy programs like browsers or…Games :laughing:

I have to restore those big program because i can’t finish reading all the info content in the firefox browser. sometime during the course of reading, i have to read on other stuff and hence more tabs are opened. and i can’t finish reading all.
That’s why i have to keep restore previous session to continue to read those that have not finish reading.

As for Linux session restore: i have no knowledge of session restore… how many possible session restore available in arch ? linux kernel session ? KDE session ? firefox browser session? how many stuff have Session restore feature ? It is hard to communicate if our knowledge level is so much different. Is there simplified info on this “session restore” feature ? there it goes, another new tab on firefox :sweat_smile:*

As for the startup and shutdown in workspace, i have none of what you shown.

mine is all empty… why ?

This “Desktop session” is belong to KDE feature ?

Even if it is KDE, there should always be sequence to which is priority to be loaded first … it should make launcher menu and task bar priority to loading, after the whole Desktop is finished loading, then do the programs loading… isn’t that logic ?

Actually you have exactly what i’ve shown :rofl:

My point is:

  1. Keep it as it’s now, if you want to restore ALL unclosed program when rebooting / shutdown

  2. In Firefox go to Prefrences:ballot_box_with_check: Restore previous session

  3. Now you can close Firefox and it will open exactly as it was before, so just before shutting down system you can close Firefox, that means system (KDE) won’t restore it at all, and you can just manually open it exactly where you left after system have been loaded.

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Why don’t you simply pin the tabs you want to see later? Then you can avoid all these session restore issues.

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Sorry, i totally don’t understand what does pin the tabs means. Were you meant to “pin” to favorite (which is in launcher menu ) ?

Right click the tab and select pin tab. When you reopen firefox it will be there when launched until you unpin it.



I do have Restore previous session ticked in firefox.
And also Restore previous session in system setting ticked as well …
What’s the different between the 2 ? i know firefox one is just to restore firefox session whenever firebox launch.
The KDE one is ? is it to restores all programs in previous KDE session ? if yes then, why my vim is not restored each time i reboot ? (side question)
And what has that go with “why firefox is launched before launcher menu and task bar” this question ?


No idea, any opened program should restore, maybe it’s a bug

You just DON’T restore big programs like Firefox, like i’ve said in first post. There is no way (at least as far a i know) to control how exactly KDE launches it’s restore all programs stuff (since it’s auto process).

So it’s best to:

  1. Close Firefox
  2. Reboot / Shutdown
  3. Boot
  4. Open Firefox manually

Oh, i see, never use it before.
Even so, You have said those pinned tabs will be launched next time firefox is launched.

If Endea linux launch firefox before Endea’s launcher menu and task bar has finished loading, isn’t that the exactly same issue that i am having now “which is : firefox is loading it sessions tabs before launcher menu and task bar… hence i can’t do anything but wait till launcher menu has finish loading” ?

Check your sessions on your login screen. Certain DEs allow you to save specific sessions and you can log in to any one of em to autostart certain programs. Might be why you see Firefox but not any of the other programs from the previous session.


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Can you please show a screenshot of where the “sessions on you login screen” located ? i have not see any “session” on my login screen…

Where you type in your password to log in, look for a cog (:gear:) icon of some sort or a dropdown tab that says Plasma.

XFCE has this:

And LightDM, which pretty sure also comes with KDE, has a “Sessions menu”:

That “Sessions menu” is what I’m referring to and is a little Whisker icon next to my name.

Example screenshot I found for KDE online:

It would be that little tab at the bottom left.

That tab is not there on Plasma unless you have wayland in order to switch between them. It’s not like xfce.

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