Firefox Doesn't Detect My Windows Partition


I’m doing dual boot EndeavourOS with KDE Plasma desktop environtment and Windows 11, and I’m having a bit of issue where Firefox doesn’t detect my Windows partition where most of my documents are. When I want to attach a file, it only shows the Linux partition.

I have set the Windows partition to automatically mount during start up with Gnome Disk Utility and I can access my Windows partition directly from Dolphin file explorer with no issue.

When I installed EndeavourOS with XFCE earlier, I didn’t have this issue so I figured it might be only related with KDE Plasma environtment.

As of now, I need to manually copy my documents from my Windows partition to Linux partition so that Firefox can find it.

Any help to resolve this issue is greatly appreciated.

Firefox (to my knowledge) does not detect partitions.
If the partition is mounted, then you can navigate to it. This is a function of the operating system and not Firefox.

I do not use Gnome, so don’t know how Gnome Disk Utility works.
IMO the best way to do this is to mount the windows partition using entries in /etc/fstab
plenty of docs on how to do this.
One thing to be aware of for ntfs partitions is to set uid and gid correctly so that user has read write access.

Yeah, I could’ve phrased that better.
I guess the part where I choose files to be attached is part of the file explorer and not Firefox.

But there’s where I’m having issue. It doesn’t show my Windows partition, meanwhile I can navigate to it if I use Dolphin directly.

What if you type the path directly into Firefox’s save file dialogue?

I don’t see a way where I can type in the path of the directory.
Attched is the screenshot of the save file dialogue.


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Freaking Gnome dialogs…

Try to go to


At least there it should be listed i think

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Type under the field “name”, the full path…


Please post:

cat /etc/fstab

But you can’t type it there, only press buttons…

Above the buttons :person_facepalming:

It’s file name, not path…it’s GNOME!!!11 :clown_face:

But file name can begin with a path.

Yeah, I agree, it’s horrible dialogue design.

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Oh…ok it works, but it’s truly horrible user experience. Only gnome can understand that i suppose…

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Isn’t OP on Plasma?

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Yeah, problem is you can’t really force file dialogue of Gnome programs to use proper qt dialogs…
Because of horrible design :laughing:

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You can enable Qt dialogues in Firefox under Plasma, if you install xdg-desktop-portal-kde package and set the environment variable GTK_USE_PORTAL=1.


I recall it was super buggy though, is it useable now?

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Still buggy. :sweat_smile:

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Here is the output