Firefox Concern

I was getting some micro stutters while browsing, watching YouTube videos with Firefox.

I decided to investigate what the problem was, after checking KsysGuard (plasma) I noticed a process that was using between 20% 30% processing power, the process is called RDD and is used by firefox.

I was wondering if anybody else has this running while using firefox?

I found this:

After reading it I have since disabled it… Thought I’d bring it to your attention.


Thanks for the warning. :smiley: :+1:t2:

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Your welcome :wink:

I am starting to lose faith with these main stream browsers, their all up to no good which is the reason I moved to Linux in the first place. Like a bunch of vultures round a dying carcass :hot_face:


Did that help? Has it affected anything?

Yes, its gone from processes and no more micro stutters, I have no idea why its even there or what its doing.

go to about:config in firefox and disable media.rdd-process.enabled

At first I thought it was an NVIDIA driver issue.


You’re right … in the last year or so it’s been particularly difficult watching browsers start to shift like quicksand. I’m on Waterfox [doesn’t have the media.rdd-process.enabled active], which has also changed in unexpected ways, but any search for a better browser at the moment just ends up with better personal privacy practices, as each browser is doing something that’s not great. But new browsers can emerge, just as e.g. eOS emerged so successfully, so I’m always optimistic. :+1:t2:


I had a lot of issues recently with Firefox. Especially pages taking a loooooong time to display. I didn’t check why, didn’t have time. After 3 days it was quite impossible to work so I just switched to another Browser.
Didn’t want Chrome, wanted something else than Chromium… I don’t like Vivaldi or Opera. At the end I installed Brave. I know it’s not perfect (agree with @anon96036739, there is no perfect browser and it is about personnal choices) but it works fine for me.
At least I can work…


Thanks for info

Reading up the link and your comment decided yep try it and because everytime firefox was active not always online the temp went up about 10C
The Intel i7 was running at approx 43 C
disabled that um feature
edit- rebooted just because -

now at approx 34 C


Cookies got overcooked :upside_down_face:
Thx for sharing, may come useful in case of problems :slight_smile:

Yep, but no problems so far

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Obligatory link:


Thanks @jonathon I’ll look into it, pretty sure I have done most of that :man_shrugging:

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It seems that RDD is a process for sandboxing media decoding, currently used only when playing the AV1 codec. AV1 is relatively new, resource heavy and usually also not GPU accelerated, so the CPU has to do the heavy lifting. Youtube is slowly rolling out AV1 for its content (same quality at less bandwidth, better quality at same bandwidth).

I suggest installing and disable AV1 if you experience issues.