Firefox/chrome user agent switcher

someone changed the user agent in firefox or chrome?

I do not understand the question. Has anyone changed yours, or are you wondering if we change it?

just for privacy, I was wandering if someone changed the user agent :slight_smile:
there are some addons to switch the user agent

Not me!


However, I change a lot in about:config in Firefox to make it a little more private and secure!

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Sure, here you go

On it’s own it doesn’t do much, except basically screaming “i’m normie i’m on Windows 10 with latest Chrome!”, but…
In combination with crapload of privacy settings, ublock origin and other techniques it will do just fine :slight_smile:

However for some serious sh*t you do Tor and no JavaScript, otherwise g-men will find you :male_detective: :upside_down_face:


may I ask you what do you change? :slight_smile:

thanks, I would like just to change just the user agent, browser type, OS :slight_smile:
but maybe there is a way to change it without installing an addon

Easier to give you a link so you can read for yourself:


Yeah there are, but not very efficient i think…
There are a lot of privacy related resources and no “one way fits all”, you’d have to research to make up your mind of what and why you use :slight_smile:

For example if you use privacy-centric approach and settings in browser, but use GMail as email and social-networks with your phone which is connected with your credentials for registering everything from your home ip…well you’re kinda compromised already then :upside_down_face:


Here is another resource for privacy related settings in firefox


agent switch is pretty usefull for the websites… if i start my reserv browser with standard profile browser agent… i cannot watch the online stream service of my cable. with agent to chrome , it worked, not nicely but it worked :slight_smile:

I change mine just to add the specific OS (Debian, Arch, Void, Ubuntu) to the agent ID. But that’s it.

Interesting website, thanks for sharing. Lots of research to do with this. I love researching stuff, whatever it may be! How much you want to “leak” is always a personal choice. I have a Google account but it’s locked down as much as it can be. I know they data mine but I’m not giving anything personal away. As long as my own computers are safe whilst browsing the internet then I’m happy enough. Browsers have always been the weakest link and perhaps always will be, but without browsing the internet you are left in your own bubble…alone. Life is sometimes about taking risks, facing the unknown. Nothing is safe, just keep your wits about you and stay informed. :grin:

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