Fingerprint reader

A couple of years ago, I installed fingerprint reading software on Antergos Gnome. I forgot what the name of that package is, do any of you know? And also does it work with Plasma?

I don’t think it’s wise…


Perhaps this?

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Thanks, but now I do remember that it was more or less integrated with GDM. Never mind, I just keep it as it is.

The reason why I asked is that the IdeaPad 5 has a power button with an integrated fingerprint reader. The button is very small and is almost sunken in the chassis, which makes it a bit inconvenient to push it in. It’s slightly annoying but not impossible, I can live with it.


Jeez…That’s quite a design! :sweat_smile:

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Well, it is actually the only flaw I found on this laptop in the last 24 hours. The display has this slightly brown filter on it, comparing to my ThinkPad T14, but considering the price, it is a more than decent display and it has a rather good build quality.
TBH, I like the fact that this plastic body, which has a nice luxurious feel, isn’t as fingerprint sensitive (as in smudges) compared to my ThinkPad.

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Probably display is manually upgradable for better one, as with Thinkpads?

I’m not sure, this is a mid-range laptop, almost everything is either soldered on or glued together, so I doubt this is possible.

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Is it any of the list produced by command

  yay -Ss fingerprint
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There is fprint and fingerprint-gui in Arch.

Found this …

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