Finally installed EndeavourOS

I’ve been wanting to try EndeavourOS for ages but I was too nervous to make the leap from the comfort of Linux Mint on my ten year old ThinkPad.

I bit the bullet today and installed the Cinnamon edition, although my main desktop is running KDE Neon, the ThinkPad is basically used for playing music, music videos and running a browser.

I don’t know why I was so hesitant, the install was a breeze and apart from having to install VLC, Rhythmbox, Plank, QT5 Settings and QT5-stylesplugins it was ready to go!

It did fail to build GWaei though (Japanese dictionary) but I don’t really need it on that machine, I use Kiten on my desktop.

I’m an OS/2 Warp 4.5 refugee who migrated to Mandrake > RedHat (then Fedora) and then onto *buntu based distros. Time to learn something new!


Good on ya for taking the leap, hope you enjoy

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BTW I’m not an expert but am always happy to try steer you in the right direction for help if you ever need it


OS/2 Warp! Now that brings back rock solid OS memories compared to it’s peers of that day/era.

The Arch wiki is a great resource of information. As is the search function on this forum too.

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Welcome to the purple side :enos: :enos_flag: :partying_face: :tada: :balloon:

Cheers guys!

The last windows version I used for any length of time was Windows 3.11 :slight_smile:

I have a copy of OS/2 Warp 4 running in Virtualbox on this (My Neon) box!

I don’t think I’ll be running into much trouble (Touches wood) but who knows, eh?

Almost time for a beer run!


Welcome to the community!


Welcome @Beerislife





congrats on leap + welcome to Endeavouros community. Arch like swim for 1st time ( you sink or swim ) Endeavouros help you float if start to sink. Give it time you be swim with the rest. Hope you enjoy leap of faith :vulcan_salute:

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I can certainly find compassion as a Linux Mint/Beer/Thinkpad enthusiast myself. I see you’ve even found your way to the drinking thread. Welcome!

I like beer! :wink:

Welcome to :enos: :beers: :hugs:

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welcome and enjoy your stay here


Don’t forget backups, and test your restore procedure.

Understand how to chroot from a live environment, you may need to fix your system one day, better to learn how before you need to.


Thanks for the warm welcome.

There’s nothing to backup on that machine, it’s just my music files that are already stored on this machine and an external portable drive.

I was wondering why video thumbnails weren’t showing in Nemo but increased the size in settings from the very small default file size to something more reasonable and they’re back.

I just made a small swapfile, which I won’t probably need, next is to tune the settings for the SSD in the machine.

It’s an old ThinkPad Edge 14 0578CTO i5 maxed out at 8Gb RAM with a 500Gb Crucial SSD and it still flies! The battery died years ago but I don’t need one.

A bit too early for a beer here, time for lunch! Cheers!

Welcome! I used OS/2 Warp from 1994 through 2000 (hardware just got too new for that old system). I played with BeOS and QNX around that time, before settling on Caldera OpenLinux 2.4 (dual booted with Windows 2000). Glad to see another old OS/2 user! :smile_cat:

I also bought a boxed BeOS disk set back in the day. I think Hitachi had a couple of PCs that came with it pre-installed but I don’t think they were popular.

I was running OS/2 Warp and later eComStation on a IBM ThinkPad 390X, it was great!

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You’re in a good place here because as I read your post, you have a little experience using Linux.