7 Things After Installing EndeavourOS (MUST DO!) - Video

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I haven’t watched it yet but this is something people definitely SHOULDNT do lol


There is no logical reason to use snap anything… Ever x3


I don’t use snaps, but I just reinstalled AGAIN, and today is one of those days when the Spotify package on AUR is broken, so I might have to install flatpak for one bloody package…

As for snaps, he seems to prefer the snap to the flatpak in general.

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I’m a daily Discord user. Installed it via Arch repo/ pacman. Never faced an issue.

Maybe TechHut wanted *buntu users to feel at home by showing Snap support :crazy_face:


If he did an online install (and in this case, it is reasonable to assume he did, because he is using GNOME), he doesn’t really need to update the system right after installing, because there won’t be anything to update (his update consisted only of librsvg).

What does he think this is, Manjaro? :rofl:


I’m up to date and using the Spotify AUR package and it has been working just fine for the last two months. Sorry it isn’t working for you that’s a real bummer. Maybe let the maintainer know if you haven’t already. Even though I have the AUR package, I mostly default to just using Spotifys web player, I have no idea why, I must be weird :stuck_out_tongue:

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Several of my programs I use have to be installed in Flatpak because the AUR builds are busted. I dont hate flatpak like i do snap though, except the extra space it takes up.


I installed the same wallpaper, lol! Who made this one, really nice!

I think one major thing he left out of 7 things to do, especially with gnome are keybinds/shortcuts:

Settings>Keyboard>Customize Shortcuts>Custom Shortcuts

  • For example Terminal, command gnome-terminal, Shortcut Super+Return


I use the same keybingds than i3wm, and if I want tiling,

sudo pacman -S i3

Edits: and of course if you are a kde lover, replace terminal by konsole, or use kde that works too.


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The thing is, there will be people watching these videos who will think that EnOS is somehow deficient in its default state and end up borking their systems by installing a load of unnecessary software.

My version of seven “must-do” things:

  1. Read the wiki
  2. Join the forum
  3. Make a backup
  4. Update your system
  5. Use the OS for a while
  6. Make and test a backup
  7. Read about which bits of software do what, and then install them

So there. :stuck_out_tongue:


To précis this: before making judgments or changes, do some research! :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ll never get that 10 min of my life back. (just kidding, I skimmed it) I guess I’ve been using EOS wrong, I definitely don’t do a lot of those things he said were must do. So, ya. Oh well. I’ve broken the internet.


Quoting myself here… I took the lazy way out, I am just using Spotify’s web player on Linux for now. 99% of the time I use it on my phone anyway, not the computer.

I use the web player most of the time, regardless of OS. Has all the functionality of the desktop app without the need to install, and I’ll have my web browser open anyway :slight_smile:

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This should be stickied somewhere, and referenced often.


This is the best forum thread I’ve ever read.


Yuo had it coming! :upside_down_face:

Welcome aboard, btw :partying_face:


Welcome to EnOS’ forum Brandon! :enos_flag: