Feren OS Theme

How can i install this Feren OS menu theme (it is KDE)?

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Yeah, that looks very much like KDE Plasma to me, not sure about the exact theme. It’s certainly Kvantum-based. There are dozens of such Kvantum themes that just make everything transparent, or like foggy glass. Which one is this? I haven’t the foggiest idea.

Those icons in the middle at the bottom of the screen could perhaps be Latte dock, or perhaps even the default panel, with some fancy transparency. The application launcher is the standard KDE one.

I think it makes more sense to ask Feren OS developers what theme they used, than to ask about it here. Here, we mostly use EndeavourOS…

Alternatively, you could install Feren OS in a VM and dig through the config. Though, for that, it’s best that you already have some experience with using and customising KDE Plasma.


Run Feren in a virtual machine or in distrotest.net. Save its repository addresses and check which software it uses (latte? kvantum?) by default. Also identify the used theme, icon theme etc.
Wish you good luck.


Looks like a modified Application Dashboard (Plasma).