Fedora 42 Change Proposal: Plasma Workstation

This sounded like an Apirl Fool’s joke, but apparently it is not…

Someone submitted a change Proposal for Fedora 42 to change the Workstation to using KDE Plasma by default.

I doubt this will ever happen, but found it interesting nonetheless




Yep that’s me right now! :joy: :popcorn:

It’s slowly but surely becoming heated already.

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I wouldn’t think so. Their release cycle wouldn’t even make sense if they switched from gnome. Sounds like a late April fool’s joke.

According to the proposal, the release cycle (KDE’s) is to be changed 2025 (around F42) which would make it more in-line with Fedora’s.

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KDE Plasma is planning to change its release cycle to six monthly.

Edit: :ninja: d by @peciwov

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Yep … :wink:

Kde Fedora :rocket:

I’m all for it. The KDE spin is my favorite version of Fedora. It’s also the default when installing the Asahi remix.

Yeah, other than Asahi it’s also become the default for Nobara.

Realistically though, this is never going to pass.
At least not as described in the current change proposal statement.
What it might do though, is force a more visible place for KDE rather than burying it in the spins page and giving it the “second-class citizen” branding.


Don’t be so sure! :smirk:

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I would love nothing more than being proven wrong on this one, but it would honestly blow my mind if it passed.

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Watch: https://youtu.be/isChogqh_lE

Another reason to stay clear Fedora 42 when it come in few year + if it happen :innocent:

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I don’t have a lot of faith that this will ever happen, but, who knows.

think it prob will… IMO they put next to Gnome as new option
( cant have it feel like “second-class citizen” ) :wink:

EDit… that way keep both crazies happy :rofl:

You mean give people a choice? That’s just nonsense.


time tell… well it will keep their forum busy :wink:

I think to split it doesn’t make sense. You can’t have their flagship(s)? One or the other is a better option, not both.

" Flagship " over used + pointless (IMO) both are good DE’s
( Gnome close mac xp , Plasma close window xp. ) i sure they do what they feel right .

While I know Fedora is technically it’s own thing, Red Hat does employ a lot of people to work on Gnome. I think that (along side its amazing contributors) is one of the reasons that it is so polished on Fedora.

Secondly, it doesn’t really make sense from a business point of view to switch considering all of the money they have poured into Gnome and are still pouring into Gnome. I recall them recently merging a remote desktop function into the desktop. You can’t tell me that wasn’t a business driven feature.

Anyways as a Plasma user myself and throwing all Red Hat ties and business logic out the window. I would love to see this pass.