Fedora 42 Change Proposal: Plasma Workstation

If anything, that is another strong argument for changing to KDE Plasma.
Remember that Fedora is NOT a business… RH and IBM are!

RedHat can do anything they want with RHEL, but they have been over-reaching too much with Fedora (eg see “Privacy Respecting Telemetry”, a suggestion that came directly by RH and it wasn’t even a secret)

People have been saying (with good reason in my opinion) that RedHat has a lot more control over Fedora than they would like to admit…

Unless Red Hat decides to switch to or offer plasma Fedora is not going to change there gnome desktop to plasma.Fedora is and has always been pretty much the test bed for what will become a new release of RHEL.Pretty sure the Fedora 40 which I just upgraded to today will be what RHEL 10 will be based on.As was already posted a lot of the dev’s that work on Red Hat also help develop Fedora.I started using Fedora in 2003 when Red Hat changed to RHEL and I could not afford a yearly subscription.Fedora was started as a free pretty much cutting edge testbed for what Red Hat would need for a stable workstation and server.I do see if enough post about it giving the Fedora live install an option to install gnome or plasma which can be chosen now on the Fedora everything install.Myself I have gotten used to Fedora as it is very stable and has gotten easy in the last few years to upgrade from one version to another.

Well . . I mean if Fedora is mostly Red Hat Testing. . . They would want to test what is going to be used in RHEL. . . so I would watch that more than anything. If RHEL wants to offer both, then I would see that happening in Fedora first. Is that the direction they are going? I have no idea.