Fedora 35 with gnome 41 is go for Tuesday

Fedora is my backup plan if I ever want to move from endeavourOS or break it somehow :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Fedora 35

Don’t want to restart the thread but I’m hoping this is good news for the Arch release of Gnome 41

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The Fedora 35 release candidate has no bearing on when Arch/EndeavourOS gets Gnome 41. Arch will update to Gnome 41 when the next point release is out, which will be 41.1 so until then one simply has to be patient and just wait. Arch will still get Gnome 41 before most other distros like Ubuntu, PopOS, etc.


The Gnome devs provide their release schedule in the above link. If you check it out, you’ll see for Gnome 41.1 that it will be released on Oct 30, which is only two days from now. Arch devs will then take it, test it, package it, and send it our way not too long after that. Arch always waits for the point release before upgrading to new Gnome release because there are always bugs or many changes that need to be ironed out well enough by the time the point release is ready. And that is an approach I am more than happy with, so I don’t mind waiting just a few extra weeks as long as I know it’ll be much more stable by then.

If you can’t wait and want Gnome 41 now, openSUSE and Solus already have it.


not directly no, my thought process is that because of the close relationship between the Fedora and gnome teams the overall numbers they have testing the issues they find/fix go upstream and are implemented quickly, with fedora reaching a point where they’re happy to release it bodes well that it will be similar for arch soon.

I’ve seen people say that ‘Arch always releases gnome on .1 releases’ but I’ve also seen that point contradicted by the actual releases… maybe it’s a more recent thing?


The .01 release is when it is deemed stable as Arch only releases deemed stable releases unlike others that just want gamble and be the 1st to release, this approach can be a good or a bad move like KDE4 that flooded distros with a alpha release.
Gnome 41 will be a good release on Arch i have been using it as unstable for a month it has been 100% stable.

It is great distro for in between LTS and rolling release! 6 month upgrades are smooth and just a bit of cleanup, no need to re-install.

Works with even 10+ old machines I’ve tried. But yes Arch is a hobby, maybe later I switch to Fedora when I find myself travelling alot in future.

Similar for me, I’ve managed to mess up a couple of my previous installs of a couple different distros early on through tinkering… I learned a lot doing so lol

I’m staying in the loop with fedora as it was one of my favourites when I was hopping around a lot I was 50/50 on arch v fedora but I just enjoy playing with arch a bit more and a couple of services I run are easier to install thanks to the AUR.

Fedora seems to have a good balance of new features & good stability

Fedora is definitly a distro I would like to try! I could replace Manjaro on my main machine but I need HW encoding support (Intel QSV via VAAPI) in Shotcut on this computer. Does anybody know if this works well on Fedora?

I had nothing but problems with Fedora. Maybe it is just my configuration, but anything that includes video, audio was just a disaster.
Experience on Arch (EOS) is diametrically different.
I would rather a few weeks more, than having to deal with it again.
Performance wise is pretty much same story.
My personal experience.


I assume you installed the required codecs ?

I have no problem with audio / vido on Fedora. Pipewire ready and rearing to go is a great boon as well.

Anyone give a look at latest Fedora 35 yet. What’s new or any interesting things? Smooth in place upgrade from 34 as well?

Looks like favourite distro generally for many including @Bryanpwo who uses for work colleagues sake from a recent YouTube QA I watched.

I haven’t tried it yet, but Gnome 41 isn’t a big leap from Gnome 40, so I don’t expect earth shattering changes.


Yeah, I’ve been using it for a month or so.

Nice having power-profile support built in.

Touch gestures have had some work to increase ‘snappiness’ and they are indeed snappy.

I tested an upgrade from 34 to 35 beta and that was fine. I’m currently running a fresh Silverblue 35 installation that is also running suave.

Been testing 41 on Arch i really don’t see why they have waited so long its been rock solid in testing, a slight speed increase, cleaner interface, and mainly cleaner all round


I just tried it today. nothing special. It is smooth. But Eos is heh Endeavour os :slight_smile:

I hope new release will be out soon, wanted to try new wm-s :slight_smile:


They’ve also moved some multitasking options out of tweaks and into the proper settings app, also pipewire is now default

As for why 41 isn’t on arch yet apparently it’s mainly a time issue for the packager, it’s just one guy is responsible for packaging gnome on arch.

I’ve noticed the 41 updates have started trickling out so I don’t think it’ll be too much longer for Arch.


Pipewire was already the default on 34

Sorry WirePlumber

Fedora is still temping me over, might be time to dual boot and have a play with it again…

I think I’d miss the AUR and Pacman too much though

I don’t see myself leaving Fedora.

There is nothing in the AUR that I would use really…and I’m happy to get by on Flathub apps.

There’s a couple of things I use that are way easier to set up and keep up to date, I like the idea of a very stable base that’s very current and has the level of support that Fedora has.

I have everything running really well and I promised myself I wasn’t going to mess with anything and distro hop again… but I’m getting the itch again lol

And a a gnome user the ‘bleeding edge-ness’ of arch doesn’t really work it considering Fedora is probably one of the most up to date distros going vs arch’s variable release timings for gnome updates