Fedora 35 with gnome 41 is go for Tuesday

Yeah, I’m the same. Fedora and GNOME is a great match.

The seamless integration of toolboxes is nice on Silverblue, really keeps that base tight!

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Gnome 41.1 hit the gnome-unstable repo yesterday.
I’ve updated my system with the gnome-unstable enabled and now I am on Gnome 41.1.
Apart from some expected extension breakage, everthing is fine on my end.
I can workaround those broken extensions without much of an impact for my workflow. I just need to do some stuff a bit differently meanwhile they will be getting updated.


Yeah nice, I’m not that keen, I can wait

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You just have to change the meta.data files on most
“shell-version”: [
like this to 41 and they work fine i’ve been on 41 on my arch rig since the fedora released its beta


Great tips! Thanks!
I am going to try and see if I can make it.


Additional repo management headaches, searching intewebs for .rpm, and using dnf / yum … yuk.


Fedora is polished but so many common apps are just missing and then their is flac OK but you have to rely on it to much, then it just gets a pain to use DNF is like a snail compared to Pacman,
I try it every release but it never feels comfortable, but great for testing new ideas and technologies :wink:

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I made the changes as per your suggestion and got back a couple of extensions functioning again:

Sound Input & Output Device Chooser
Clipboard Indicator

But not Dash-to-Panel. This one needs to be updated upstream I guess.

Thanks again for the suggestion!

This seems to break every single major update. Almost like it is on purpose.


I don’t use that one dash to dock is working again Task bar 2000 although defuct is still working i set it up as a traditional desktop bit like mate/cinnamon panel lately in fact its hard to see the difference its better than GT3 of those 2.
Things will change when i feel like a change don’t tell KDE user Gnome is very configurable they get very vocal sometimes Lol.

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Yes its a very complex app but it should stay fairly stable from now on just needing v No changing if the maintainer bothers.

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“Fedora 35 Kinoite | A New Immutable Distribution Featuring KDE”

Youtube: Tyler’s Tech channel, great little channel where they always install a distro on bare metal and then give it a quick little review, good channel to watch if you like those sorts of things :wink:

EFLinux also did a decent, albeit brief, review of Kinoite. Interesting concept.

Relying on the existence of flatpak packages can be hit and miss though.

I know if you tweak the mirrors and enable more parallel downloads it speeds it up a bit.

It not the speed of the mirrors mine maxes out its the lack of speed of the app that’s slow :snail:

dnf is only slow in updating metadata, for the work it does, transaction checking so it doesn’t fail, the possibility to undo the operation with an undo in the history, the possibility to install a library or command without even knowing which package belongs.
I think it’s a little laborious, so i don’t think it slow compared to pacman.

Really its a :snail: pacman is the fastest of all out their its a known fact, if its not fast for you you need to change mirrors not necessary the closest the fastest.

I didn’t say pacman is slow, I just said dnf does more things than pacman.