Failed to start file system check

I tryed resizing a partition on my disk to install a second operating system (pls don’t ask why) and now I get this error and my arch distro won’t boot

Here is the journalctl

Not quite sure what this is, but if I were checking MY system, I would start by assuming that the partition that was resized gained a new identifier - and thus is not correctly referenced by the startup procedures.

My first attempt at ‘fixing’ would be:

  1. arch-chroot into the system from a live boot (as described in our wiki)
  2. Run sudo blkid to get a list of the current identifiers, especially the ones referring to your ‘lost’ system
  3. Edit (with sudo) your /etc/fstab, so that the NOW correct UUIDs are used to refer to the partitions. It might be well to save a backup copy before modding :grin:
  4. restart

This seems to me to be a likely fix, and does nothing irretrievable if it doesn’t turn out to be correct.

Good luck!