Failed to download addons/themes in Firefox?

Anyone else running into this issue? I’m clearly online. . . But firefox insists my internet connection is no good and I can’t download themes/addons. . .

Yer I was last night haven’t been able to try it today yet. I couldn’t connect to any sites and even removing the add-ons I had didn’t fix the issue

There is a big other thread about a Firefox back end issue that is resolved for some - check other channels here.

I hit it yesterday with 95.xx.x I don’t remember which version. GeckoMain would suck up CPU via top/htop/glances/etc. Even after reboots. I picked up 96.0-1 even though I have other updates to apply, and haven’t had an issue. I may be lucky.

Feel free to link. . . I’m not having Firefox issues on my two x86 computers.

Other forum thread:

Appears the fix may be due to telemetry, (which I think I was sending some back).

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And if one had a problem, such that the GeckoMain process was chewing through CPU, closing and reopening Firefox might not fix that, as the errant GeckoMain was likely still chewing through your CPU time.

A reboot would stop it, or the astute with CLI to do a ‘killall’ or a check of the process stack, finding the PID, and then a kill -9.