Ezarcher Linux - My personal Arch based respin

I hope this type of post is not frowned upon, but I wanted to introduce my own little Arch Linux based system, Ezarcher. I do YT videos and over the past couple years I have built Debian and Arch based ISOs for people to download. These are systems I use myself to reinstall and use on a daily basis. I wondered if anyone had any interest. The Ezarcher Linux ISO is a full featured Arch Linux desktop with the Mate Desktop. The live system comes with many common desktop software packages and tools to install Arch Linux on your system. There are two primary installation methods, the Calamares Installer Framework and my own ezarch scripts. The ~/ezarcher/Scripts folder contains the ezarch.bios and ezarch.uefi install scripts to perform a menu driven Arch installation, as well as the ezmaint script for basic maintenance tasks. My philosophy is to keep it as close to Arch as possible, making it somewhat more accessible than doing an Arch Way install. The project can be found here: https://osdn.net/projects/ezarch/ and here: https://sourceforge.net/projects/ezarch/

If this type of post is unwanted, please let me know. Thank you.


@eznix …I’ve watched many of your videos and have enjoyed using your Arch and Debian based respins…I hope your presence is welcomed here…You have a lot to offer to both the Endeavour forums and Linux users in general…I was surprised and happy to see your post…Peace


Thanks for the kind words. I appreciate it. I have been a member of the forums for a while, I just stay quiet most of the time. I finally got to a point where I feel confident enough to introduce my work in a Linux forum and not just on YT. Best wishes for the coming year. :slight_smile: :smiley:

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Finally! :slight_smile:

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Thank you. I would love to see a Thar She Blows! blog post from you ripping Ezarcher to pieces. :wink:

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I’m curious about your Debian respins. Could you please share a link?

Oh. Why would I do that? I’m a simple housewife and you had me at Arch+Mate. :star_struck:

Only one problem: I just tried to install but couldn’t find the Calamares Installer anywhere in the live environment.

Sure, thanks for asking. :slight_smile: :smiley:
Debian Buster based:

Devuan based:


It’s in the Applications menu, under system tools, called something like “Install system” or “System installer” Thanks. :slight_smile:

Yes, I was looking exactly for that. To no avail. :frowning: Downloading the ISO a second time now, this time from sourceforge …

You will spot it. You were just over-come with emotion at the thought of Arch with Mate! :slight_smile: :star_struck:

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/me groans
Man, I’m using Arch with Mate ever since my first Manjaro install back in 2013. It’s my desktop! :slight_smile: Ok, gona try again now with a new ISO …

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Failed again. :frowning: Am I blind?

Yes! I was blind indeed. Installing nownow …