External Samsung SSD for backup and encryption

I want to buy an external Samsung SSD, connected via USB, for doing backups.

About security they say
Protect your valuable data in a solid state portable hard drive with the latest in advanced security—an embedded AES 256-bit encryption algorithm that keeps everything safe.

It seems that according to https://wiki.archlinux.org/title/Self-encrypting_drives it would be possible to use that kind of encryption.

Question: If this would work is it recommend to use or should I simply ignore this and encrypt the external SSD by using cryptsetup with a passphrase as I did in similar situations in the past?

Self encrypting drives

DO NOT trust that crap.
Firmware of any drive is proprietary.
Only encrypt drives using Linux tools.


Self-encrypting drives (SEDs) have many flaws that can even bypass encryption entirely:


Samsung even released a consumer notice about a “potential breach of self-encrypting SSDs” a while back :

I recommend continuing to use cryptsetup as always unless you need cross-platform compatibility then use VeraCrypt.


Thanks to all. So, you basically support my gut feeling and I will encrypt the same way like I did in the past. :grin:

No cross-platform compatiblity required. The last time I privately used for example Windows was in the late nineties. I think it was Windows NT. :rofl: :rofl:


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