Exa has been deprecated

For all those who use exa I would like to point out that it has been deprecated because it is no longer maintained.

It has been replaced by eza in the extra repository.


You can also use lsd.


That is always an option I suppose.




I prefer nushell, it’s not just an alternative for ls, but it provides me with the data I need. nushell is a bit more extensive and more of a shell alternative. it’s a matter of taste.

However, there are still a few errors, such as: The folder sizes are displayed incorrectly (4.1 kb instead of 30 gb).

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Exa was great! I’ve been trying to find a way to alias eza with ls in my bash_aliases as muscle memory is a weird thing. I still haven’t figured how to do that when using flags.

alias ls=‘eza’ works for using the ls command, but ls -al for example, doesn’t capture the alias as bash considers it a different command.

That should work. It works fine here.

BTW the eza package also creates a symlink for exa, so all your aliases should still work.

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It outputs correctly, but in the format for ls, not for eza, if that makes sense. Not sure flags work in aliases. Might need a function.

They should, it is just a replacement. Can you share the output of alias ls

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I haven’t changed anything in my aliases because eza replaces exa transparently.

# ls to exa
alias ls='exa --color=always --group-directories-first --icons'     # ls
alias ll='exa -la --icons --octal-permissions --group-directories-first'
alias l='exa -albGF --header --git --color=always --group-directories-first --icons' # long list
alias llm='exa -lbGd --header --git --sort=modified --color=always --group-directories-first --icons' # long list, modified date sort
alias la='exa --long --all --group --group-directories-first'
alias lx='exa -lbhHigUmuSa@ --time-style=long-iso --git --color-scale --color=always --group-directories-first --icons' # all + extended list

# ls to exa - modalità speciali
alias lS='exa -1 --color=always --group-directories-first --icons' # one column, just names
alias lt='exa --tree --level=2 --color=always --group-directories-first --icons'    # tree
alias l.="exa -a | grep -E '^\.'"


alias ls=‘ls --color=auto’

So my .bashrc file is taking precedence to .bash_aliases because of that entry there I think?

It depends where .bash_aliases is sourced.

Is anything from ~/.bash_aliases working?

Fixed it, - by commenting out the aliases that are built into the EOS .bashrc file on install. Thanks for the pointer in the right direction, - all working as intended now! Another solution to add to your list! :slight_smile:

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Just stumbled over this gem, this is wonderfull! Question: My exa output seems to miss the icons somehow:
Is this normal?

For that you need a font that provide them. I personally use nerd-fonts-noto-sans-regular-complet from the AUR.

you have to use a nerd font like https://archlinux.org/packages/extra/any/ttf-jetbrains-mono-nerd/

Or you can just install Nerd Font Symbols and then there is no need to download a separately pathed font