EVGA peripherals

Hi, I have a keyboard (Z20) and mice (X17) from EVGA, is there a way to make them work in our beloved EndeavourOS? EVGA has a “unleash” package to configure and use them in Windows. I don’t care the RGB y only want to be able to use them normally and also the many extra buttons they have is it possible? Thank you.

Like everything else from EVGA, this is a windoze-only product, and there is no support for Linux. EVGA pretends Linux does not exist at all.

If you manage to make it work, it will be a hack, not an officially supported method.

EVGA is certainly on my list of “never buy from” companies, right there with Nvidya and Gigabyte.

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Still, you can try to make configuration by:

  1. VirtualBox with Windows VM
  2. Wine (i haven’t tested that, but later version claimed it’s possible to use some peripheral drivers)

Most likely you’ll need this configuration once anyway and it should be persistent, VM worked for my steelseries mouse :slight_smile:


Thanks, I’m currently learning the hardware specs, the new technologies and brands, and no one ever talks about Linux, I thought only the fancy side of the things (rgb and other configurations) wont be supported in Linux but the basics. Not even the basic functions seem to work. Thank you for help!

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Thanks I’ll try that way!!

When I’m looking for a keyboard or a mouse to buy, I always first check if they need any special software or drivers, and if they do, I avoid it like the plague (because I assume it’s not FOSS and the devs probably never heard of Linux).


Technically all that other stuff will still work fine, but you’ll miss “official support” of some fancy-schmancy configuration, or RGB options :laughing:

So it’s almost same deal, coz on Linux you won’t got those anyways :slight_smile:

You can also try piper for mouse https://github.com/libratbag/piper

Oh, no you can’t there are no EVGA yet.
And when you can ask to submit you required to write driver https://github.com/libratbag/libratbag/issues/941

P.S. In fact in last comment there is a very good guide of how to reverse driver :nerd_face:


Going off on a tangent… Why don’t they just include a microcontroller in the keyboard to light up the RGB LEDs? Why do they need the PC to control that? Same thing for the extra keys, why don’t they just send MOD+KEY combinations and let the OS do with it whatever it wants, like on any decent programmable macropad?

Oh wait, we live in a society… :postal_horn: