Ethernet connection

My Ethernet connection was working but it stopped recently. I’ve checked the hardware and it shows the orange light by the cable and everything is plugged in correctly. I also looked at and Network not detecting wired ethernet And when I use r8168 it sends back bytes when I do “ping” but not if I do it again and it it will not load anything in a web browser. Sorry if this is a poor explanation.

Can you share the output from ping when it fails?

Can you also test if ping works in that situation?

Can you also share ip a

The response from ping is

The ping command appears to work well except for when I retry it without changing anything or let the system use r1869. And the response of ip a was

looks like the google ping works, but you’re using the ipv6 address for some reason, shouldn’t be a problem though. Maybe your ISP changed something.

can you test your internet with a live system?

Unless I misunderstood what you meant (not unlikely) I would say that I can’t load anything in a web browser to test. Also It was working for a while but just recently broke and It broke just after I installed rust if that helps.

You are misunderstanding what @mihalycsaba is asking you. You are being asked if you boot in to a live usb do you still have internet problems in the live environment?

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The Ethernet works in a live boot wether I use r8168 or r8169.

After I booted into the usb it just works now, I didn’t install a new one and it works well after multiple reboots I don’t know how or why.