Error on Picture size though size is only 1.2MB

I was trying to upload picture to profile. File size is 1.2MB. But forum site always returned an error of larger file than 6MB.
As per suggestion, uploaded pictures to cloud .But where can i paste picture link?

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There are still some features that aren’t working entirely on the forum after the migration. We are still figuring out with the Discourse team how to fix them.


Why not open a thread for this, I mean all the issues that users experience since migration? I repeatedly thought about this, lately, but didn’t want to interfere with your business.

If you ask me, keep hammering them (Discourse) like you already did during the migration!


There’s no hammering needed, they already are showing their best intentions. They offered us a service they normally only provide to paid customers, so they can investigate these migration issues and address them.


Good to hear, so I can rest my case. Yet the whole thing is much more unresponsive here, than it used to be before, i.e. post-edits don’t appear instantly anymore, at all, sometimes a whole page-refresh in browser is needed.
Maybe due to infrastructure (clouds involved)?

Just mentioning, fyi.

Why would anyone need such a large image-file (1.2mb) for a tiny avatar on this forum? Can you not (massively) downsize the image-file in order to be able to eventually upload it?

yeah just a 500x500 px image is sufficient




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@svdodd Could you try and upload the file again, I have changed something and I’m curious to know if it solved that upload issue.

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The Grub issue attracted a lot more traffic on all our websites, this can also be the issue.


It works now.Thanks

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Yes, it works indeed this image was affected before :joy:



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