Error installing a Bisq exchange

Hello community here,

I was trying installing a Bisq by using yay -S yesterday but ended with error at the end. Unfortunately i have not saved that error log.

Is any problem if i will download .deb file and just will use it without any issues?


That won’t answer your question, however if you’re serious about crypto security / privacy - do all that inside Whonix WM, so nobody would see your real host machine / network address.

It’s Debian based, so you won’t have any problems…

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Thanks for suggestions and links. I have virtualbox installed is it problem to run it on it?

Yep, it’s perfectly fine


  1. Download, verify with pgp
    VirtualBox with XFCE

  2. Install Whonix

    1. VirtualBox → File → Import appliance
    2. File - Select Whonix*.ova
    3. Next
    4. Do NOT change anything, except:
      set both Virtual System 1 / Virtual System 2 Primary Group name, for example /Whonix RESEARCH
    5. MAC address policy - Generate new MAC address for all network adapters
    6. Import


  1. Start Whonix-Gateway

  2. Agree with Terms of use

  3. Anon connection wizard

    1. Connect → Next
    2. Next → Finish
  4. You can use VM when system check will finish with last window

  5. Start Whonix-Workstation
    :warning: Do NOT close Whonix-Gateway

  6. Follow same steps 2-4


  1. NEVER mix your real acitvity / identity with Whonix & TOR stuff!

  2. Start Whonix-Gateway

  3. Start Whonix-Workstation - work only in workstation!
    :warning: Do NOT work in Whonix-Gateway - it’s only a network access point!

  4. Check update both Whonix-Workstation and Whonix-Gateway

    1. By running and following recommendations of:
      System check and run them with sudo, more or less usually it’s just
      sudo apt-get update
      sudo apt-get dist-upgrade
    2. Update TOR browser:
      TOR browser downloader
    3. :warning: Reboot both Whonix-Workstation and Whonix-Gateway in case there were updates.
  5. Launcher → Internet

    1. Tor browser
    2. Electrum Bitcoin Wallet
  6. Launcher → Other → Monero (XMR) Wallet

  7. After finished work SHUTDOWN both Whonix-Workstation and Whonix-Gateway
    :warning: Don’t use pause / suspend / save / hibernate to avoid time-attacks.


Thanks for your guides and times. Appreciated.

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Although keybreak’s answer is likely the best option, coming back to the posted question for a moment:

This is not useful information for anyone who might want to help. Instead of saying “I didn’t save the log” and make people guess what the error was, replicate the problem you were having and then post the error log.

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Yeah i know but i closed terminal without saving a logs. Sorry for that.

That’s not an excuse! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Stop complaining, go get your crystal ball! :rofl:


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