EOS Solutions and Problems after hopping from MX Linux

Great, thanks!

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Not really a problem because of hopping, but i am unable to update Ferdi. Suggestion is to install the binary version afraid i have to key in all the passwords once again.

Update: Just installed ferdi-bin and it removed ferdi. can confirm all the passwords were intact.

i just want to bypass my country restrictions. instead of VPN will SOCKS help

It depends what you mean. If you are trying to bypass server-side country restrictions than a proxy or vpn should both do the same job, make your traffic come from a different location. A 3rd option would be TOR. However, TOR exit nodes are very easy to block if the service chooses to do that.

If you are trying to bypass blocks your country has put in place, it depends how they are being implemented and what they are blocking. If it is just DNS blocking than using some form of DNS encryption can solve the problem. If it is something else, it depends what it is and how they implement the blocks. Generally speaking, outbound TOR is much harder to block.

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i could make SOCKS work but it still could not get around country restrictions. however, i used “Browser VPN” addon for Firefox, it could bypass country restrictions.

Suddenly i have playback issues on youtube. Suspected its either because I added my son’s account to parental control or AdBlocker ultimate browser plugin. I also tried several standalone players including Freetube, Smalltube. I have success only on player that uses VLC for playback. I tried chrome and also Firefox on vbox windows.