EOS Solutions and Problems after hopping from MX Linux

And to build on @pebcak 's post, for music I use YouTube-music from the AUR and NewPipe on Android/Calyx

Do you need a Google account to use this app?

Negative. No Google required.

The best way is not to use the youtube website to watch videos, mostly because the player that runs in your browser is awful, but to either stream them to your media player of choice, like mpv or smplayer or to download the video locally using yt-dlp.

But uBlock Origin also works, if you really must watch videos in browser.


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whenever i am updating the system with yay and probably when a restart is recommended i am getting the below notice.

(6/9) Check if user should be informed about rebooting after certain system package upgrades. ==> 
INFO: Reboot is recommended due to the upgrade of core system package(s). 
xonsh: For full traceback set: $XONSH_SHOW_TRACEBACK = True 
xonsh: subprocess mode: command not found: DISPLAY=:0 

Well, i raised this issue with Xonsh and they say this is related to the OS.

Any idea from where this error message is coming from.


thanks for pointing this out. however, xonsh is complaining that the command is not found. may be in some file i have set DISPLAY=:0

need to find it,

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