Cleaning Up EOS

Hi Friends,

I’m curious…are the suggestions in this article the best way to clean EOS if need be?

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Thanks, Chief!


And follow each and every link in the article.

PS- at a glance, the suggestions in the article you posted seems ok

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Install EOS no cleaning required unless you add bloat! :laughing:


don’t forget to read the pacman manpage as well, after that you’ll understand the commands a little better.

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Also note that this article is apparently over three years old…



February 6th, 2022 05:12

Good shit.


This is not windoze… We don’t “clean” our systems. If there is something you don’t want, you remove it. That’s it.


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CCleaner for Linux sould not be “invented”!

Pretty please, with sugar on top!!!

If you’d like to help us with this grave issue, please, tell this to all folks on Ubuntu, Gnome, Plasma, etc.

Well there is Gcleaner. It is a port of Ccleaner. So there you go! Have at it! :rofl:


Writen in Vala, GTK+, and GLib/GIO for the purpose that the users feel “at home” in the world of GNU/Linux.

Honestly i used Ccleaner for years on Windows. Never had any issues with it but the reality of it is that it doesn’t do much. Saves a little space i guess. Not sure how it works on Linux and what file cleaning it would do?

Edit: I agree with @Kresimir

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sudo rm -rf /

:face_with_hand_over_mouth: :stuck_out_tongue:

One day I’m going to try that just for fun. :laughing:

Challenge accepted.
I am going to do on one of my test installs, unfortunately I don’t have a capture card to record it

Let me know how it works. :grin:

There is already a fairly close work-a-like to ccleaner for Linux, Stacer.

Yes i saw this one before too. I think i may have even tried it. :thinking: