Eos Notifyer - Stop it from updating?

Simple question: Is there a setting to stop the notifier from updating the system?
I got a few updates this morning and I didn’t feel like doing them, but there seems to be no way of avoiding the notifier starting the update process other than leaving the window up?

Look at the Wiki!

If you are conscientious in starting yourself update requests, you can also uninstall eos-update-notifier instead of configuring it.

I did check the wiki and admittedly I only slept 4 hours but I can’t find an option for just check for updates, don’t install them.

Schedule checking: the manual way - is that too small for you? Tsts…

I still only see settings for how often and what to check, not “indicate updates but don’t start the process when window is closed”

About notifier there is this Announcement, devs are working on it :

There is currently no such option but it is a nice idea. I’ll keep it in mind and come back to it after the next ISO release.
For now you might want to increase the checking interval (eos-update-notifier -conf) or even temporarily uninstall it.

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I am debating simply uninstall it for now or uninstall it and install pamac.
Part of me wants to live without pamac but it is the best notifying out there, being a graphical interface aside (for the last year or so I’ve only used it as a notifyer / search engine anyway, doing all actuall package management in the terminal).


systemctl --user stop eos-update-notifier.timer
systemctl --user disable eos-update-notifier.timer

should be quite enough.


The workaround from @axt is better than uninstalling the update notifier, because uninstalling removes more than just the update notifier.

Sorry that it wasn’t in my answer, and thanks @axt for bringing that up.

Thank you;
For now I have uninstalled it anyway (I did that with the previous solution as well, last time I had endeavour installed). I am now running pamac-aur-git as my update notifier / search engine for packages.
I still do all updates etc in the terminal.

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@manuel The Flash saved the day again, the Dismiss button works!!! I really can’t express my appreciation for you and it gets harder by the day. Every day I’m baffled by the speed of your work.


Hi all again.

I’m sorry to open this old thread but it’s better than creating a new one.

Setting “eos-update-notifier -conf” with the value 0 for the interval does not work.

./config/systemd/user/eos-update-notifier.timer show:

If this does not disables the updates, how can I disable the updates?

Do I have to remove this timer?

systemctl --user list-unit-files | grep eos

Shows me that eos-update-notifier.service is disabled but eos-update-notifier.timer is enabled.

But if I try to disable any, says it does not exist.

This could be fixed by putting a checkbox and running eos-update-notifier with -conf parameter. Select checkbox or not… done.