EOS live USB install no wifi connections

I couldn’t find anywhere a list of wifi’s available to choose and insert password.

This is on already installed EOS system. Here I have options to choose, but I don’t have any in Live USB.

How to fix this?

What is your WiFi card?

inxi -Na

Problem computer is a PC, now I am writing from laptop.
That PC has Asus Prime B550-PLUS motherboard not sure what WiFi it contains

That board doesn’t come with WiFi unless you added it.

Edit: It has a Realtek Ethernet chip RTL8111H

Ethernet should work with the r8169 kernel module. The ISO has the r8168 package installed on it. If Ethernet is not working then try removing the r8168 package as per the wiki.

Edit2: If you do have an WiFI card installed then i would need to know what it is to figure out what chip it is.

That board doesn’t come with WiFi unless you added it.

Yes, seems so. Missed that, I thought nowadays 99% MB has wifi capability by default. :roll_eyes:

Ethernet should work with the r8169 kernel module…

Not possible I am far from ethernet cable. Seems like I need to buy wifi card. USB wifi adapter works?

I personally don’t like WIFi usb adapters. But that’s your choice. I prefer Pci-e cards such as these.

If you get a USB adapter get one that is at least an AC standard at minimum like this one.


Otherwise a Pci-E card. Which you can get the latest WiFi 6 or a WiFi 5 AC card.
Archer T6E or better.

There are other brands. This is just an example as i have a number of TP-link myself.

I am so clueless about these things. I checked wikipedia about WiFi 6 but honestly its like chinese for me…

On my local internet-shops I dont see any PCIE wifi card with standard IEEE 802.11ax.
For example, this wifi card cost ~55 EUR and it just says:

  • Speed 2.5 Gbps

Is that WiFi 6? :thinking:

How much cost WiFi 6 cards on average?
Will there be huge difference between, let’s say, some random 15 EUR wifi card VS 60 EUR?

Also, if my torrents max download speed is ~1.5MiB right now, do I even benefit from this WiFi 6?

If you @ricklinux have time for some pointers I would appreciate if not its okey. :slightly_smiling_face:

That one is an Ethernet card which is a 2.5 Gigabit. That’s not what you want. I don’t think you need WiFi 6 which is the 802.11 AX standard because you also have to have a wireless router that i can support that. In other words you need a router that has the WiFi 6 AX standard to be able to use the capability. All cards are backwards compatible so they would just use what you have. So if you have a router that is the N standard then it would connect using that. I don’t know what you have but 1.5 Mib is not very fast. That is like 12.6 Mbps (MegaBit)

It may be faster than the connection you currently are using but i don’t know what you have or what you are currently using to connect to it.

Here is a link with some wifi adapters. They only seem to have a few. They do have one Pci-e card but it has to be installed in the computer. A usb just plugs in.

This one is the Pci-e card and is WiFi 6 which you don’t really need. Here is 99.00 Cdn plus taxes.


This one is an AC with USB


Or this one also is AC USB


Edit: These may be too expensive for you? I don’t know what other stores you have available but i can tell you the price they should be in Cdn dollars. Here i can get all different kinds and pretty cheap too. Anywhere from as cheap as $10.00 to over $100.00 Cdn but average is somewhere between depending on what you buy.

Edit: Hope this helps.

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Yes, you helping a lot. As I said know literally nothing about WiFi, Ethernet, internet speeds… :frowning_face:

I like this forum a lot, very helpful community!

Anyways I posted in my other topic. This one can be closed.

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