EOS is really great! Looking for Xfce Tips

Hi! I must say that I am very impressed and satisfied with EOS!!
Arch at itś best!!
I installed xfce (and qtile). Long time since I used xfce and was wondering if anyone have a good guide on making it look better?



Welcome to the forum!

Are you looking for themes? Add-ons?

It mostly depends on which gtk, window and icon themes you use, how many panels you create and what plugins/launchers you put in them.


Guide is a bit harder to write if we don’t know what would you like to have in the end.

But XFCE lets you do whatever you want from simple stuff like wallpapers, themes, panels/docks to fine tuning panels with css or replacing default compositor with i3.

Then you could install picom, rofi, GLava, conky…

I would suggest looking for inspiration on r/unixporn or these YouTube channels LinuxScoop and diws

There is also Share Your Desktop Topic on EndeavourOS forum check it out and show us your custom desktop.

thanks for answers!! I admit it was a too general question but If anyone has good links or whatnot!



are the best links. You wont find any better


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