EOS+BTRFS+Timeshift-autosnap+grub-btrfs vs OpenSUSE

Hi guys

I’ve been bouncing between OpenSUSE Tumbleweed and Endeavour for what seems like an eternity now and have endeavour installed on BTRFS with timeshift-autosnap and grub-btrfs. This works fine but the OpenSUSE way of upgrading packages is just a bit more seemless. The only thing that annoys me about using timeshift-autosnap and grub-btrfs is when I upgrade some packages, my Steam controller stops responding and I can’t plug in other USB devices until I reboot. I know this is due to grub being updated/rebuilt. Is there anyway to stop this from happening.
I know I shouldn’t really update kernels etc while using my machine but sometimes I forget, allow the update and then remember when my controller doesn’t work.

I love both Endeavour and OpenSUSE and can’t choose between the two.

Not exactly, if there’s a: Kernel, video drivers, xorg, pulseaudio updates - it’s pretty much the “must reboot” state.

I suppose so. The only other thing IMHO Endeavour is missing is a clone/port of YAST and I can never get kvm to work properly on Endeavour but with OpenSUSE, it’s simple… don’t know what the difference is.

Since EndeavourOS is a terminal-centric distro, you aren’t likely to find anything like yast. The closest thing you are likely to find is the welcome app, which, isn’t very close. :grin:

Open a separate topic with the errors you are receiving. I am sure we can help you out. Arch-based distros tend to take a minimal approach to package installation. This keeps your install clean and uncluttered but it sometimes means you have to manually add a package here or there.

I understand your dilemma between OpenSUSE Tumbleweed and Arch based distros like EndeavourOS. As much as I want to and logically should like Tumbleweed based on its feature set, I just have a visceral dislike for it each time I try it, but I can’t figure out why. It must be the bloat of Tumbleweed that turns me off, and I am not super minimal focused like many here, so that tells you how bloated it is! Good luck in resolving your dilemma!