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Looking to 2022, EndeavourOS is also exploring the possibility of a gaming-optimized build of their OS.

We are?

Looking ahead, they are looking at adding more desktop environment options like LXDE and UKUI along with restoring the Deepin desktop. A “ready to go edition” of EndeavourOS focused on gaming is also being explored

We ARE???

On my way home to check out all of this ASAP.


Sometimes you’re the last to know (rofl).

I wonder if EOS just got confused with Manjaro lol…

I’m new here, but gaming optimizations are just performance optimizations; would that really be so bad? (ok, so I’m a gamer, I confess, hehe) zen kernel, whatever Drauger OS did with their kernel scheduling, (I forget, blush. feral mode?) I mean after the new release bugs are all squashed, it isn’t the worst thing that could happen. Or am I just way out of line here…

Now a bunch of pre-installed games/apps, that’d be an entirely different thing…

I don’t know lxde but I remember reading a post from @Bryanpwo talking about the possibility to add UKUI to the DE selection

Was lxde not the DE, that merged with razor-qt and became lxqt?

Well yes, but inheritly you would add more chance to make the system “unstable” or at least to have fringe case in which it simply doesn’t work without manual intervention after first install. That being said maybe a section in calamares that contains all the package needed and that the user as to choose on is own could be possible but all the packages should already be in the repo or we are just adding burden to the dev. I think that if someone is serious about using EnOS for gaming should simply follow the already great tutorial by @keybreak and read and setup is system as him/her like. And the forum is always here to help in that. I’m not really fond to have it inside the ISO, but that’s just my personal preference.

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ARE we?? where was the secret meeting held? I demand to be in the inner circle for this. I will give my soul if you need it to initiate me into this.

I think @Bryanpwo talked about this in two YT streams too. Anyway adding DE/WM 's is not a biggy with our highly skilled community.



Well, Joe, Manuel and I aren’t planning things just spur of the moment, even though we might give that impression. :wink:
There are a lot of things we are keeping locked in the deep basements of EndeavourOS. :zipper_mouth_face: :male_detective: :mage:


You have basements? You have a secret headquarters? Where ? :slight_smile: (just running with the fun).
Personally, I’m happy with Endeavour as it is. Not sure I want it to become a boutique DE or something. Just my five cents. Of course, I am happy to wait and see what those secret inventions in the basement turn out to be.

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It’s a complex network to “dodge” the community’s eyes. :crazy_face:
No, the things we are working on are still related to the install process and making the workload easier for us. :wink:

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Does that include an interview with Linux Magazine, a review of sorts with them, and inclusion on their DVD? :grin: What secrets those basements hold…

Please be assured we are happy it is so!

Wait, that interview is published?!? I never heard anything from them back, thinking the interview got canned.

I get the digital verfsion (yesterday’s arrival) - and it has EnOS on the DVD, as well as an article including the interview. The DVD also includes Ubuntu arriving at Gnome 40 (!) - and the interview/review is on a regular feature known as DistroWalk…

Can’t feed you screenshots easily (app prevents it) but I’ll see if I can work around it (hee hee).


I understand you can’t share it but in the past, I always had feedback from other journalists sending me the draft with a digital watermark on it.
I knew it was for Distrowalk, apparently, we are not big enough to be handled with some sort of feedback for them.
Anyway, nice to hear that it got published.

Remember - that mag has multiple release dates in different countries/areas. It is conceivable that ‘your’ release date hasn’t come up yet, and the feedback may accompany the final ‘Euro’ version…

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But still, a" Hey, thank you for responding and your interview will be published in the US/Canadian December issue." would have been nice.
I mean all I got was the interview questions on an odt file, a deadline to submit, which was two days btw. and then complete radio silence…

But who knows, perhaps he will respond.

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You might like to try this link - might get you a look at the cover anyway!

Still looking for workarounds :grin:

hmm - maybe if I screencast the page to a TV/Monitor, then take a pic with my phone..
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POsted the next item in the wrong place (:blush: ) Here it is…

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