EndeavourOS top of the list - well done

I’m sure you all know but if you go to DISTROWATCH.COM and search for a distro based on arch… top of the list based on popularity is EndeavourOS.
I remember floundering around after antergos ended and finding EndeavourOS - havent found a better distro yet imo.
Well done and many thanks to all those who have the skills to contribute to the distro and help to make it even more popular.
Stay safe


EnOS has been towards the top for a while now, and for good reason.

(I’m also happy to see a certain other Arch derivative making its way into the top 10… :grin:)


Yes kudos to Garuda :upside_down_face:




(Congrats on Garuda in the top 10 as well. There’s a few of you who are at both here and there and I think it’s no surprise how well received both distros are…


Without a doubt, Endeavour OS is an excellent distribution. Prior to finding it and trying it out, whether using Arch Linux or Manjaro Linux, I’d eventually run into something that would render them unable to boot; I got tired of it because I rarely encountered similar issues on anything else (not even rarely used Windows builds), which have been consistently slower but surprisingly stable in recent years (admitting infrequent use on personal systems but solid results on work equipment I used prior to retirement).

No such problems with Endeavour OS; both responsive and stable; add easy to install and update, very satisfying.


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Yes, I remember when approx. there was a conversation two and a half years ago about what the distribution should be like after the completion of the development of Antergos, and the fate of the community forum. At the time, I even thought that only a new forum would be created, but in parallel with this, EndeavourOS was created, which defined itself as the intellectual heritage of Antergos, but brought more novelties compared to it. Compared to the small community in Antergos, EOS has now become much larger and more well-known. This is due to the great development concept and, of course, the helpful community behind it. These factors have now made EndeavourOS one of the most popular distributions not only in the Arch world but in the entire Linux ecosystem.


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