Endeavouros-skel-xfce4 foreign or essential?

I installed EnOS over a year ago and have kept the default xfce4 DE after installation but recently the two packages endeavouros-skel-default and endeavouros-skel-xfce4 have shown up as packages “not in the AUR” and listed as explicitly installed by pacman -Qm.

I saw the posts by @fao amd @Atomic-no-80 evoking the same thing but as they seem to be using the Plasma DE and not xfce4 like me, I am a little concerned that removing them might stop me logging back into Xfce. There is no warning of conflicting packages, so I assume they are superfluous. Could those wiser than me give a word of advice?

Think all the “endeavour-” where renamed to “eos-” all those two do is provide the base themeing and settings in /etc, so you can get rid as they will not touch your home.

You can leave them, they are harmless. You can also remove them if you prefer.

If you remove them and create a new user, that new user won’t get EndeavourOS theming and settings.

Thanks for your quick reply, but I have no packages that start with “eos-”. From my limited understanding looking at package descriptions it is part of the xfce4-theming for the pre-Galileo release of Endeavouros and sets up the “skeleton” for the first user. Since I’m not going to reinstall myself as a user, I suppose it can be removed in that it is no longer in the official repos or the AUR; hence the error message I keep getting.

Sorry, I missed your reply while trying to see what the packages do. I seem to have guessed right from my reply below. I might keep them for sake of nostalgia :wink:

I’ve another desktop installation of the Galileo version but having a hard time getting used to Plasma.

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See also Endeavouros-skel-default and endeavouros-skel-i3wm are no longer in the EndeavorOS repository

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