Endeavouros-skel-default and endeavouros-skel-i3wm are no longer in the EndeavorOS repository

Hello, I have just updated my system and received a message from yay that the two packages cannot be found in the AUR.

That’s why I assumed that these were removed from the EOS repo. Which this commit confirms:

I use the i3 wm, my question now is, have these two packages now become unnecessary? Especially in the event that a new user is created? Or if EOS should be reinstalled?

New installs use eos-settings-i3wm.

However, for existing installs, there is no harm in keeping the packages you already have installed. As you pointed out, they only impact newly created users.

Thanks, I have replace the two packages with eos-settings-i3wm

I noticed that the file in the package eos-settings-i3wm etc/skel/Xresources is no longer called /etc/skel/.Xresources. Is that intentional?

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