EndeavourOS Plasma ships X11 instead of Wayland

I noticed this a few weeks ago after I installed EndeavourOS Plasma, it automatically installs X11 Plasma instead of Wayland Plasma. So thats odd I will just install Plasma Wayland so I did. I hate having to install Plasma Wayland everytime I install Plasma EndeavourOS

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Why is that odd? KDE on x11 is the current default setting. . .

It would be odd otherwise.



It is planned to make Wayland the default for Plasma 6, but some development work is still needed.


x11 is the default on almost every distro that comes with Plasma.

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When you thought you’ve heard it all. :man_facepalming:

As far as I can tell, only Fedora 38 ships wayland on plasma by default and I still think that’s untrue for nvidia.

Seem logic to not provide wayland by default since EOS give you the minimal and the most vanilla experience possible.

I know that kde neon install both x11 and wayland sessions(i only use the neon unstable). Maybe you come from there ? :slight_smile:

I hate having to install Plasma Wayland everytime I install Plasma EndeavourOS

@joekamprad will be sad, if you didn’t even look at the wiki :wink:


Just put plasma-wayland-session and you good to go.

The downside is that you need to refill the list each time you boot the live ISO, at least this was the case last time (~8 month ago).


I clearly stated that the vast majority of distros that use Plasma use x11 and not Wayland. I did not say the vast majority use Wayland.

No it doesn’t since the majority of Video cards are nVidia and nVidia still has it’s issues with certain cards / drivers on Wayland.

@Locutus As I’m reading it @fbodymechanic is only emphasizing your post for the OP by saying Fedora is the only one that ships Wayland by default. He’s absolutely not correcting you.

You might want to look at your quote answer from @GolDNenex in your post above because you both are saying the same only from a different perspective. :wink:


I understood. It was clear. I was agreeing with you.

I hope it stays that way much longer than what KDE probably consider “good experience” to go Wayland by default.

Few days ago i’ve tried it on full AMD laptop - experience on Wayland was absolute crap out of the box, especially considering high-dpi screen, i haven’t got much time or willingness to try and tweak it further…

Somehow i really doubt it will dramatically change with Plasma 6 release where they start to default session as Wayland. For now stuff like Sway or Gnome seems to be doing much better job on Wayland side of things.

On my desktop it seems to be working fine with RX590 graphics card on Ryzen 3800X. :man_shrugging:

I also run Plasma-Wayland on my AMD Ryzen 4600 laptop for two years, I think, and it runs smoothly and fine. It has been improved through those years but I never felt the need to revert back to x11.
Granted, I don’t own a High-DPI monitor but a 1080p one.

I am still not happy with kde Wayland. It just doesn’t feel great. I love gnome Wayland though. I can’t imagine going back to kde anytime soon because of it. It’s just kinda not quite there yet.


I think how well Wayland works depends on the hardware you have. Kde is working flawlessly on X11 or Wayland for me now which wasn’t always the case in the past. It seems to be much better and a big improvement compared to the last time i tried using it. I’m not sure how well it works on hybrid systems or laptops with Hi Dpi but I can see why KDE 6 will maybe make it the default.

@Bryanpwo @ricklinux
Sure, they’ve made a lot of progress on some Wayland bugs and what they call a “showstoppers” (meaning completely unsable for some systems), i’m a KDE user and always read Nate’s blog as well as bottomless pit of KDE bug-trackers…


That being said - i think it’s veeeery far from being “good enough” to become sensible default for KDE, otherwise it will backfire hardcore. There’s just too many problems to get overall experience at least close to X11 across many different systems, so far…Obvious design differences and limitations like impossibility of xeyes aside, sorry @Kresimir :rofl:

I’d expect that to be more sensible as default, when there will be no immediately identifiable obvious problems while switching between X11 and Wayland, like they’ve managed to do it with Gnome.

P.S. I still remember about 2-3 years ago on Gnome Wayland was also unusable while on Nvidia proprietary driver for example, you couldn’t even move mouse :laughing:

Just to touch on this again. Most of the reason I specifically mentioned fedora was because if this is something that is critical for the OP to have out of the box, the choices are so limited they should take a look at fedora. When you need something so specific, it’s nice to know where to look


What do you mean “aside”? If there ever was a showstopper, it is that.