EndeavourOS Mirror list

Updated this morning and there is am error. Not sure if it’s an issue or not?

(5/7) Hook to rank EndeavourOS mirrors after installing or upgrading the related mirrorlist package
Extracting /var/cache/pacman/pkg/endeavouros-mirrorlist-4.6-1-any.pkg.tar.zst ...
Ranking EndeavourOS mirrors, please wait ...
====> Fail: no response: mirror https://mirror.freedif.org/EndeavourOS/repo/$repo/$arch, url https://mirror.freedif.org/EndeavourOS/repo/state,
==> Creating /root/.config/curl-exit-code-to-string/curl-code-to-string-converter
====> Error code 60: 'Peer certificate cannot be authenticated with known CA certificates.'

Writing new ranked EndeavourOS mirrorlist to /etc/pacman.d/endeavouros-mirrorlist.pacnew.
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Try to open that URL on a browser and you’ll see a warning about not secure connection.

Expired: “Não Após” means not after to that date.

I know the security certificate is expired. Just wondered if anyone else had the same issue.

Edit: Does this line mean it failed to execute downloading the package and just exited?

Creating /root/.config/curl-exit-code-to-string/curl-code-to-string-converter

Yes, same problem message here.
You can wait until them generate a new certificate with letsencrypt, then run eos-rankmirrors


So just run eos-rankmirrors and that will fix it?

@ricklinux I had the same issue like 30min ago.

Yes, but after they generated a new certifificate.

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I don’t even have eos-rankmirrors installed.
I just put a couple of mirrors close to my whereabouts at the top of the list and comment out the rest. Seems to have been working fine so far.

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So, nobody has tried safesync yet…


Looks like one of our mirrors (in Singapore) has a problem and fails to answer anything to a request.
That is a actually a warning from the curl program.

However, if that particular mirror is not the most important for you, then simply ignore the warning. The new EndeavourOS mirrorlist will be generated into a .pacnew file using the other working mirrors.
If you want to use the new mirrorlist, you can use program eos-pacdiff for merging any relevant changes to your existing endeavouros-mirrorlist.

I just wasn’t sure if it ignored that mirror and still created a new list but it looked as if it did.

I ran yay an hour ago, after updateing the mirrors as I figured the problem had been dealt with, and got no warning?

I’m far from Singapore, but slightly strange.

Same warning here
Peer certificate cannot be authenticated with known CA certificates.

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