Endeavouros LiveUSB Wont boot into live environment

Hello everyone, I am trying to install endeavouros using my usb, the hash check said that there were no problems, yet xorg keeps being terminated. I dont know how to check the log files.

When I boot into the non uefi of my usb,it shows the bug that says (EE) No screens found(EE) Btw guys I boot into nomodeset since my amd igpu only shows black screen when not choosing the fallback mode

I don’t think you can use nomodeset on amdgpu.

Edit: What is your graphics card?

My cpu has built-in graphics. My monitor only shows a black screen whenever I dont use nomodeset. However, when I first used linux mint, there was a command that I added that avoided the amd checking (or whatever it was) so that I didnt get the crappy resolution.

Do you remember what it was?

Okay I’ll check my grub config for my linux mint for a minute.

Okay, I just checked. The command was amdgpu.dc=0

Can you try that then in the default grub command line. Boot on the live ISO and press e for edit on the grub menu entry.

Okay I’ll try.

That doesn’t keep it permanently but well see if it boots and loads.

Should I boot into the uefi version of my usb drive or not? And where do I exactly put the command?

If computer is UEFI i would use that. When you boot if the grub menu comes up then press e for edit. Add the parameter in the grub command line and then press F10 or enter to continue boot.

Edit:Do you have secure boot disabled and csm turn off in UEFI Bios?


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The usb booted, I can’t explain how much I’m happy right now, it was such an easy fix. Thank you so much!

Okay so when you install you may have to add that if it boots to a black screen. In order to do that you would use the text editor nano.

sudo nano /etc/default/grub

then add the kernel parameter in the grub command line


Then save the file with

ctrl + o then enter

Then to exit nano

ctrl + x

Then update grub with

sudo grub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub/cfg

You only need to do this if the parameter is needed if it boots to a black screen.

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Okay, thank you so much!

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What desktop are you going to install?

Im looking at either plasma or gnome

I use Kde Plasma myself. It’s great for me.
Edit: Not to discourage you but Gnome 42 does have some issues right now.

I hope the install goes well and it works good for you.