EndeavourOS is on Mastodon

Much better. I moved from mastodon.social to fosstodon.org, and i dont regret it. The mods on fosstodon are great too


Did you migrate your account to that server or you created a new one? My account is on the older version of mastodon.social which is called mastodon.online.

Created a new one; tbh, I was really just testing mastodon out, when I joined mastodon.social. Ultimately it was the local timeline that drove me away from mastodon.social.

Join a server that has a focus on something that you’re interested in. You can always follow other accounts from other servers, AND your timeline doesn’t get filled with complete crap (this gets real old, real quick); if you’re lucky, the server will be hosted by top notch peeps.



Once again a hype about shit …
I have successfully avoided both Face(sitting)book and Twatter all these years. I make no exception for Mastodon. This forum here satisfies all my needs that I have in relation to EOS (For the other needs there are again other solutions …).

Edit: This is an IMHO!


Do you disapprove of Brians actions, in getting a Mastodon presence?

Naturally, I am interested in your opinion, and I’m pondering your intent, behind your post.

Of course I don’t disapprove of Brian’s decision, but I don’t understand the meaning behind it. I wrote therefore also IMHO (!). We have a very well-run forum here, where pretty much all questions are addressed. Why then reinvent the wheel necessarily. And if you can not do anything with my posting - good, then it is also not written for you … peace! Webpresence or not, EOS is not a kind of cheese, which you have to promote on the market. I personally avoid products on principle, for which particularly much advertising is made. EOS speaks for itself. Thanks to the developers who made it what it is. But again, this is just MY opinion, I’m just a user …


I appreciate your candor.

I understand the meaning behind it, and it was an important and impactful strategy to do so. A good decision for EndeavourOS.

On a closing note, keep those opinions coming, mate. Activity keeps the metaphorical ‘wheels’ of the forum, turning. :innocent:

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hmm EndeavourOS is not “new” on Mastodon the account is used since the beginning of 2019 already :wink:


Yes, I’m one of the followers, albeit I haven’t logged in for a looong time.

I think it’s terrific that EnOS has presence on so many different platforms and potentially reach a much wider circle of people.

A Discourse forum and Mastodon are two different platforms aimed at different things. The existence of an EnOS’ forum shouldn’t exclude its presence on other platforms.

And personally I find the concept of federative networks quite appealing. Rather a federated network, run by (groups of) individuals, horizontally and mutually connected to each other, than a platform controlled centrally by an entity or a whimsical individual.

Just for the record, there has been quite an influx to Mastodon during the past weeks. Here is a recent stat from an account producing stats every hour:

Screenshot from 2022-11-22 13-21-44


This article might hopefully serve as introductory to Mastodon for those, like myself, new to the platform:

A visual to go with:

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