EndeavourOS Evolution in progress

Hello all, I’ve recently found my way to EndeavourOS. I may or may not have been part of some screaming mad pack of lemmings over running the place due to unrest in another linux-land. I’m not an entire newbie to this game and have collected hardware like my wife collects shoes …

I have the following machines kicking around my den:

  • Sager P650RG laptop that is set up as a triple boot with Ubuntu/Manjaro/Win10 on it. This is where I do my day-to-day Win10 work when required (hey, it pays my bills)
  • An ASUS Zenbook 2-in-1 (UX461UN) that is a dual boot with EndeavourOS and Manjaro. Within that Manjaro install I have several virtualbox guests including another set up of ArchLinux, Windows 10 Insider on Dev track, and one more OS I won’t name. I am in the process of getting EndeavourOS set up ‘just the way I want it’ and will ultimately move virtual guests to the Endeavour side. At that point, I’ll probably let the Manjaro wither away until I need the space back.
  • Three Cubieboard2 units running Debian Arm (sarge I think) - they were a nice playground for getting hands on with configuring Hadoop before things like AWS EMR took away some of the grunt work.
  • Finally, I have a sort of oddball DIY box based on an ASUS C60M1-i motherboard/cpu combo. I’ve used this as a home file server for years with a version of Ubuntu on it. I made a hard cut over to switch this one to EndeavourOS by blitzing by entire OS drive and doing the USB install of EOS. Much to my surprise, EOS recognized my existing md raid array.

I’ve got some work to do on cleaning up my random collection of installations, but so far I am really happy with the balance EOS strikes between simplifying without diluting some of the positive aspects of ArchLinux.

Hope to be around more going forward!


Welcome the community :beers:


Welcome! Enjoy a distro that gives you access to Arch and then gets out of your way and let’s you enjoy it the way you want.


Welcome :balloon:

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Welcome @MrToddarama

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Have fun! :partying_face:

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Welcome to the party my fellow immigrant :vulcan_salute:


Welcome on board.

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