EndeavourOS & Arch Live USBs fail to boot

First uninstall the beta driver packages (no reboot yet!), then

sudo pacman -Syu nvidia-dkms nvidia-utils


But this is totally up to the OP if he wishes to try it.

I was suggesting the OP wait until the same driver version is in the regular repo and then switch if these are working on the RTX 4090. The Nvidia site shows these drivers are only for the RTX 4080 and RtTX 4090.

That sounds like a working plan too.

Hi there! I’m having the same problem (but on a CPU without graphics) over in Can't boot installer with 4090 GPU - how to proceed? - #10 by manuel and it sounds like someone got to success here.

I’ve read the thread but I can’t keep track of who I could actually message for a link to the final working ISO. Could someone help me out?


I built an ISO with the latest drivers which were the 520.xx version because the current ISO had the 515.xx version which didn’t work. The OP was able to make it boot by using nomodeset and was able to install EndeavourOS but it still booted into a black screen after installation. So i had the OP load what was the beta version of the 525.xx drivers from the AUR and they work. Nvidia has now released the 525.xx version but they have not yet gone through testing on Arch.

Edit: I already tossed the ISO i made but i could create another for you to try if you like.

If it’s not too much trouble, that’d be great, but otherwise I can wait for an update and suffer through Windows for a few more weeks. :slight_smile:

It’s up to you. I think it will be weeks+ before the latest nvidia driver gets through arch testing. It isn’t even there yet.

Yeah, I had to use the Nvidia beta drivers to get X11 to work but it does now, and even better than Kubuntu, which was very janky and buggy. Wayland still only goes to a black screen upon login until I hard reset.

I would be very careful with new hardware, as I learned through my over 2 years of thorough experience with Linux (I used Ubuntu from early 2010 - late 2011 as a second distro, but I started using Linux regularly in 2019 after being turned off by GNOME 3 in Ubuntu 18.04, I think). Sadly, as somebody who likes new tech, that might be the biggest problem with Linux; it takes time for compatibility to arrive for new hardware, as we’ve seen here.

It seems the others got the RTX 4090 working on another ISO i created with the 520.xx drivers and didn’t need the beta 525.xx. I’m hoping they are released soon on Arch.

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