Endeavour OS immutable

Do we run the risk of having an immutable Endeavour OS version at some point? What do you think?
I do really hope not.
I like Endeavor OS the way it is.
Endeavour OS is very stable despite frequent updates and so friendly in my opinion.
I’m a newbie Endeavour OS user.

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This has been brought up in another thread.

It’s been done. Will it be a part of the main project? Most likely not.

Thanks for your reply.

Extremely unlikely you’ll ever see an immutable Endeavour. .

I mean. . . Minimum many many years away if ever.

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Endeavour is a great distro the way It is.
It is the best one for me.
Thanks for your reply!

They should make it into April 1st joke. A full rewrite switching to an Ubuntu base, WITH SNAPS and immutability.

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April fools jokes are supposed to be at least vaguely believable. . . snaps? LOL It’d be an immediate NOPE.


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

No! Notta! Never! No joke! :wink:

newb here too.
I’ve given the spin to 2 immutable distros (one was keonite fedora).
Don’t be scared of the future, I am told, because this is a safer future. With a Wayland layer and immutable, I am also told, safest show on earth…

…safest show on earth supported by uncurated flatpaks which comprise even the guts of your system…so who needs an OS dev team or package maintainer anyway? I couldn’t even update system with traditional dnf commands…it was a strange experience.
It’s not a traditional linux experience. But is this Linux evolving?

I can’t answer this.

I keep up with the literature but pro-immutable has not done enough to convince me. I am open-minded though.

Not interested in immutable. It’s never going to be in my future. :expressionless:

After trying it I have to agree with you. It’s to good to have choices. Outside of Linux no one has.

A rolling-release model makes no sense for an immutable system. Debian is practically immutable compared to Arch, so why not just install that?