Endeavour OS customized Gnome

Are there any plans for an EOS customized Gnome like the custom XFCE on the live session and offline install?

I would love to see what the EOS devs would do with Gnome.


Welcome to the forum. Thanks for giving EndeavourOS a try, and I hope you enjoy your stay here.

As to your question, here is a quote from the main page of the EndeavourOS website

Close to Archlinux

With the exception for our in-house developed reflector-auto, eos-welcome and the eos-update-notifier, all the packages are directly installed from the Arch repos or the AUR, so there are no customized or modified packages coming from our own repo. We want to stay as close to Archlinux as possible.

Desktop Environments

All Desktop Environments in the online installer will be installed without theming and offer the choice to install our wallpaper after install.

A little history. EndeavourOS was started after the demise of Antergos Linux, by who I call the Fab Four. The whole shebang run by 4 people. So to accomplish this, it was necessary to Keep It Simple and have as little maintenance as possible. After all, these four guys have jobs and family, etc. For the first year, it has worked fairly well, and I don’t see things changing any time soon.

Enough of my blabbering, if you have any questions, don’t be afraid to ask.


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Welcome to the party :beers: Like @Pudge said, I don’t see any EOS specific theme’s coming anytime soon (not that I would have any insight to this anyway), but there’s plenty of inspiration to be had over here ===> Share Your Desktop


To be honest, my favorite part about EnOS is that it comes with just stock DEs. There’s no preconceived experience. Maybe you like KDE, you just don’t know it because you’re using someone else’s KDE.

I wouldn’t be opposed to maybe a wallpaper selection though. . .


The welcome app lets you install an EOS wallpaper.

Alternatively, you can find them at /usr/share/endeavouros/backgrounds/

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I was thinking. . . More “user” inspired. But, yes, there’s wallpapers. I really like the generic feel of each DE. That’s all I was getting at.


As primarily a GNOME DE user, I really like Endeavour’s take on this. I like how it stays as close to Arch as possible out of the box, leaving any theming to the user.


Thanks for the answers everyone! I too am a fan of Endeavour’s choice to stay as close to vanilla Arch as possible. Was just curious if there were any plans for an option to apply some EOS theming. I’ve been thinking about making my own GTK theme so maybe this is something I will be able to share with you all in the future.